Woman spends a fortune to save her choking pet goldfish

How much can a $9 goldfish be worth in sentimental value? As it turns out, A LOT.

Emma Marsh, a 21-year-old woman from Kuraby, Australia, was recently plunged into a panic when she discovered that her tiny goldfish, named Conquer, seemed to be choking on a mysterious object.

As any good pet owner would do, Marsh rushed Conquer to the local vet, Brisbane Bird and Exotics Veterinary Services, only to receive some grim news -- for her wallet, that is.

Staffers at the animal hospital said that the hungry guppy had gobbled up a black pebble from the bottom of his fish tank, and, if they did nothing, Conquer would starve to death.

Instead of letting her aquatic friend take his last little breaths, Marsh ponied up the cash and doctors went into operation mode.

Ever so carefully, they were able to remove the trespassing rock.

Conquer had to spend a night at the hospital but is now back home and recovering nicely. And just how much did this little stint cost his owner?


All to remove a tiny lodged pebble? Sounds a little fishy to us.

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