NYFW: Sneak a peak into these fashionistas bags

New York Fashion Week is here and the madness has only just begun. Between Yeezy's models fainting and Gigi's designer debut, this season's show has been nothing short of exciting already. Amongst all of this craziness, it's important to have the right tools in your bag to help you take on whatever the fashion world may throw at you.

What's in LC bloggers bags for NYFW
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What's in LC bloggers bags for NYFW
"In my fashion week bag, I have a small notebook to take notes on shows with, a pair of roll-up flats for the inevitable moment where my heels become too uncomfortable, a spare memory card for my camera for the days when I have back-to-back appointments and last but certainly not least, blotting pads since I'll be running around the city!" - Alicia Tenise
"Advil, snack bars, charger, wallet, lipgloss, eyedrops, handcream" - Spicy Candy DC

"Chapstick, band aids, cell phone, powder, sunglasses" - Poor Little It Girl

"I have learned the hard way to never leave home without my mophie! The worst thing to happen in the midst of a fantastic show or presentation is for your phone to die with no way to save it." - Impossibly Imperfect
"Currently I have my foldable flats, hotel room keys, tissues, lip gloss, concealer, and my external cell phone charger." - Little J Style

The bloggers at Lifestyle Collective are here to share their own secret fashion weapons by letting us know what is in their bags for New York Fashion Week. Take a look through the slideshow to find out what's in these fashionista's bags!

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