How to get back to your crazy fall schedule with ease

AOL's Lifestyle Collective partnered with Huhtamaki Inc. for the Chinet® brand to create these posts! Enjoy!

As we approach the end of summer, we wish weekends filled with BBQs, long days at the beach and poolside parties would be endless. Then again, as we say goodbye to the season of sunshine, we get to say hello to the season of tailgates, fresh apples and crisp air! It's a most magical season, full of gorgeous foliage, warm cups of cocoa and tons of flannel. It's also time for back to school and a return to busy, early mornings when your morning joe is a must.

We asked bloggers from the Lifestyle Collective how they felt the return of fall, and they shared some of the unique ways they use Comfort Cup® by Chinet® insulated cups to carry their favorite hot or cold beverage with them whenever and wherever they go, all season long. Check out the slideshow below for their clever ideas and smart daily routines.

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Chinet x Lifestyle Collective
"Confession time: I am not a natural morning person. It’s not that I’m super grumpy (at least not anymore), it’s just that if I do not have a concrete reason to get up and dressed at an early hour, I simply won’t. -- Emily, Jelly Toast 

"Summer was full of late mornings and slow starts, but now that the school year is here, I am up by 6:00 with some yoga, making breakfasts and packing school lunches by 6:40, and out the door with the kids and some hot coffee in a Comfort Cup® by Chinet®" -- EmilyJelly Toast 

"With a newborn, you kind of feel like you’re in a perpetual state of ‘morning time.' Between the late night feedings, early morning wake up calls, random naps stuck in where you can….. it’s just pretty much morning all day long!" -- AmyParker ETC

"I don’t have time for dishes much, and it usually takes me like 3 hours to get through a cup of tea with all the chaos, so these Comfort Cup® by Chinet® insulated hot cups have been a legit lifesaver to have around these past few weeks. Saves me from getting cold tea and saves me from doing dishes. Double win! Plus, anything that is mobile and I can take on-the-go with me is essential these days." -- Amy, Parker ETC
"One of my biggest peeves is when my nice cold drink goes warm. There is nothing worse than a day at the beach in the hot sun and reaching to take a swig of your drink only to find it's HOT. Huge gag time." -- SophiaVeggies Don't Bite
 "These cups help keep my sanity and allow me to take my children out for a day of fun without worries about lugging tons around. It's one step closer to a stress free day!" -- Sophia, Veggies Don't Bite
"When I KNOW I have to go out and run errands in the heat, I prepare myself with one of my favorite, cold, energy-filled, summery drinks. Iced Crio Bru!" -- Shelley, House of Smiths

"I love to use these Comfort Cup® by Chinet® insulated hot cups when I'm running around doing errands. They're the perfect size, come with secure lids, keep my drink cold for a LONG time, and are disposable so I can throw them away when I'm done." -- Shelley, House of Smiths

"I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking for ways to help my kiddos feel extra special. Especially now that they have gone back to school." -- Heather, Whipperberry
"I thought it would be fun to change things up a bit and create some morning drink notes that you can wrap around a Comfort Cup® by Chinet® cup for a little boost at the beginning of the day!" -- HeatherWhipperberry 

"While it definitely has it's perks, it can be challenging to spend time together with all my friends as at least half of our group is always traveling. So, after much planning, we found a weekend in early July that we could all escape our hectic work schedules and enjoy some much needed down time north of the city in Calistoga." -- Brittany and Whitney, Britt and Whit 

"These to go coffee cups ended up being lifesavers! As much as we love spending time together, 5 girls hanging out in the morning with no coffee would not have been a good idea. We brought the disposable cups with us to enjoy as we explored downtown Calistoga." -- Brittany and Whitney, Britt and Whit 
"Hello Saturday mornings. Each Saturday, my husband heads to work......and Lydia and I spend the morning together. Saturdays have become our special time for Mommy and Me dates. We explore new places, try new activities, and taste test new foods and beverages." -- Carly, Lipgloss and Crayons
"A few tips for those morning coffee dates (based on trial and error). Matching cups? Are key. We keep a package of Comfort Cup® by Chinet® insulated hot cups on hand. These to go coffee cups are perfect for both hot (coffee for me) and cold (milk for Lydia) beverages and Lydia LOVES that her cup looks like mine." -- Carly, Lipgloss and Crayons
"Lately, we've been totally on the go. Like, head out in a rush to work on a plethora of to-dos, and stumble back into a messy apartment because we haven't even had time to fold that laundry, go." -- Ashley, The Handmade Home
"So between all those things going on, we were thrilled to hear about the Comfort Cup® by Chinet® insulated cups. It's an awesome way to keep your drink hot or cold, for hours on-the- go. It's also a great little to-go method for all things entertaining. They're disposable, but reusable too." --Ashley, The Handmade Home

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