How to survive a long distance relationship

When you meet your soulmate, nothing can get in your way -- except for some couples, who have only physical distance keeping them apart.

Real people took to Whisper to confess what helps them stay close together even though they are miles apart.

1. "Words with Friends" keeps them together:

I play words with friends with my long distance girlfriend because I love having that playfulness and reminder of her throughout the day.

2. It helps to plan things in advance:

My long distance relationship works because we spend a lot of time planning our future together where we live in the same place. It may be 10 months away, but it

3. Get creative with date night:

My girlfriend and I are having a movie date that consists of Netflix, goofy faces, and Skype. We

4. Music can keep you close together at heart:

I listen to my boyfriend

5. Sometimes you just fall asleep on the phone:
My favorite thing to do with my girlfriend is fall asleep together over the phone. Long distance sucks but eventually I
7. People sometimes have to keep things open:
8. Find ways to bring them out in public:
I FaceTime my girlfriend when I
9. Go to great lengths:
I wake up at 2am to Skype my long distance boyfriend who is 7 hours ahead of me to be able to see his face for at least once that day.
10. Keep sharing with each other:
My long distance relationship is working because we share everything with each other. When we
11. Never stop learning about each other:
Every time my long distance boyfriend reveals a favorite food of his I write it down on a note. I plan to either send each snack to him or buy them for him when he visits.
12. Couples that play together stay together:
Every night, my boyfriend and I play video games together while we FaceTime <3 #long distance relationship
13. Keep up the sweetness:
My favorite part of being in a long distance relationships is the sweet texts we send each other to let the other person know we are thinking of them.
14. Keep in close contact:
15. Write romantic letters:
Missing my marine, so I wrote him letter. ❤️ 1 perk of a long distance relationship.. It really helps to keep the romance alive when you

For more long distance tips, tricks and confessions, check out Whisper.

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