How to pack for New York Fashion Week

Your ticket is booked and your itinerary for all of the fabulous fashion shows you are going to attend is in order. What else is left? Oh yeah, the awful act of somehow fitting your whole wardrobe in that tiny suitcase.

What to pack for NYFW
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What to pack for NYFW
"All of the snacks (I love sticking kind bars in by bags to eat in between shows if I don't have time for a full meal), a portable steamer since hotel irons take a really long time to fire up, a ton of flat pairs of shoes, and an umbrella/rain coat just in case it rains!" - Alicia Tenise
"I have always been a heels kind of girl but living in the city and running between shows downtown on the cobblestones has made me a firm believer in wearing a great stacked heel and am learning to embrace flats. Anything to help me make it 13+ hours on my feet and still look chic is a must pack!" - Impossibly Imperfect
"Pack items that you can mix and match. A few essentials: Black skinny jeans, denim jacket, a trench coat, maxi dress, cotton v neck t shirt, crossbody bag & a good hat!" - Spicy Candy DC
"Comfortable shoes, bandaids (for when heels are required), lightweight clothing for the heat and sunglasses!" - Poor Little It Girl
"Make sure to create a schedule and bring it! To avoid you missing an event or going crazy figuring out directions and show times, take time before your trip and make a schedule that also includes each event's directions. This will make your days easier and organized." - The Style Brunch 

Don't worry! Thanks to the wonderful Lifestyle Collective bloggers' expert packing skills, we have the best tips and tricks on what to pack for fashion week.Take a look through the slideshow and learn about the different ways you can optimize packing for the best New York Fashion Week ever!

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