How to get whiter teeth in just a week

Stains happen when we're enjoying life (a little vino here, a little coffee there). But that doesn't mean we can't all have celeb-style pearly whites. The Advanced Home Teeth Whitening 3D Kit is the easiest way to brighten your teeth without paying hundreds or thousands at the dentist's office.

This all-inclusive kit packs whitening gel for multiple treatments, a guide to track your progress and an LED light to speed up the process. And it couldn't be easier to work into your beauty regimen. Just like your face masque, set it and forget it. Do a little Netflix binge watching, catch up on the novel sitting on your nightstand and watch your teeth whiten in just seven days!

The best part? There's no need to sit in your dentist's chair or shell out the big bucks for the same results. The kit is just $18.98, and it ships to the continental United States for free!

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