Here's exactly what TV show to watch this fall based on your zodiac sign

So, there are a lot of awesome new TV shows debuting this fall. Need help deciding what to watch? (Unless, of course, you want to watch them all.) Here's one way to decide: We consulted an expert astrologist, Valerie Morrissey, to determine the perfect picks for all of the zodiac signs. Read on to find out what's worth adding to your television lineup.

Scroll through to learn which ones you should be watching:

What TV show to watch this fall based on your zodiac sign
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What TV show to watch this fall based on your zodiac sign


What to Watch: Pitch (premieres September 22 on Fox)

Why It's Perfect: The new drama follows the fictional story of Ginny Baker, a young female pitcher who becomes the first woman ever to join a Major League Baseball team (hell yes). Considering Aries is a sign that loves sports and competition and has no problem breaking down walls, both literal and symbolic (their symbol is the ram), this match-up is a no-brainer.

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What to Watch: High Maintenance (premieres September 16 on HBO) or The Great Indoors (premieres October 27 on CBS)

Why It's Perfect: Tauruses tend to be laid-back people who rarely get stressed out and have a knack for making money—which makes High Maintenance, a Web series turned HBO comedy about a pot dealer and his business dealings, an obvious fit. Taurus is also an earth sign, which translates into a love for the outdoors. Enter The Great Indoors, a sitcom that follows an adventure reporter (Joel McHale) as he heads up the digital team of a famous outdoors magazine.


What to Watch: This Is Us (premieres September 20 on NBC), Speechless (premieres September 21 on ABC), or Better Things (premieres September 8 on FX)

Why It's Perfect: Cancers are notorious for being the most emotional and sensitive of the zodiac signs, which means they will most likely start tearing at the commercials for the heavy-on-the-feels This Is Us. Cancers are also ultra-devoted to their children and supremely family-oriented, so the two very different but equally lovable new series about motherhood (ABC's Speechless and FX's Better Things) will be right up their alley.


What to Watch: Notorious (premieres September 22 on ABC) or Atlanta (premieres September 6 on FX)

Why It's Perfect: Leos favorite F words are flash and fame—which will make Notorious, ABC's sexy replacement for Scandal about the intertwined worlds of a criminal defense lawyer and a TV producer, their new favorite show. A close second? Atlanta, the Donald Glover creation that follows two cousins looking to gain fame by breaking into the rap scene.


What to Watch: Queen Sugar (premieres September 6 on OWN)

Why It's Perfect: Virgos, behold Oprah and Ava DuVernay's creation Queen Sugar. The series, which follows a successful daughter who returns home after her father's death to help manage the family's sugarcane farm, needs to be at the top of your watch list. (Considering Virgo is the sign of the harvest; they are also hardworking and honor their commitments.)


What to Watch: Conviction (premieres October 3 on ABC) or Case Closed (premieres September 18 on CBS)

Why It's Perfect: Libras love justice (hence the scales), so naturally, they'll love Conviction (a series following a lawyer heading up a unit which re-examines cases for possible wrongful convictions) and Case Closed (a limited series reinvestigating the details of JonBenet Ramsey's mysterious case).


What to Watch: Westworld (premieres October 2 on HBO)

Why It's Perfect: Scorpios are dark, mysterious, intense, and powerful—four adjectives we'd also use to describe HBO's bizarre new series Westworld, a sci-fi western about a futuristic theme park helmed by the eternally creepy Anthony Hopkins.


What to Watch: The Exorcist (premieres September 23 on Fox)

Why It's Perfect: Sagittarius is a deeply religious sign, so they'll surely be fascinated by the television series remake of The Exorcist. (As long as a show about terrifying demonic possession isn't too scary!)


What to Watch: Designated Survivor (premieres September 21 on ABC)

Why It's Perfect: The hallmarks of a Cap are a quiet determination, a force to be reckoned with, and a powerful influence. Kiefer Sutherland has brought those characteristics to the small screen before as Jack Bauer, and he does it again in Designated Survivor, the political thriller that follows a U.S. Cabinet member who becomes president after a national tragedy.


What to Watch: Divorce (premieres October 9 on HBO)

Why It's Perfect: In Sarah Jessica Parker's return to HBO, she plays Frances, a woman who wants a divorce from her emotionally detached and passive-aggressive husband. And the cool-as-cucumbers Aquarius should find those relationship dynamics fascinating.


What to Watch: The Good Place (premieres September 19 on NBC)

Why It's Perfect: Thanks to traditional ruler Jupiter, Pisces are incredibly lucky—and it's a stroke of luck (and an identity mix-up) that lands Eleanor in The Good Place for eternity.


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