Fry eggs without flipping them using this quick and easy breakfast hack

No matter how hard I try, there never seems to be quite enough time in the morning to accomplish everything I need to get done before work.

While simultaneously trying to rush and overcome the typical grogginess, breakfast is often the first thing I'm forced to sacrifice from my to-do list.

Fortunately, there are a few hacks out there that can save quite a bit of time and effort in preparing breakfast, such as this brilliant method for whipping up an entire breakfast using only a waffle maker.

And this clever hack allows to me fry up some eggs without having to wait around to flip them, saving me valuable morning time and allowing me to continue my "getting ready" process.

In this exclusive video, you'll see just how simple it is to cook eggs quickly and easily with this genius fried egg hack.

Normally, a person has to wait until one side of the fried eggs are cooked before flipping them over. But actually, you don't ever have to flip them at all.

Instead, after one side of your fried eggs have cooked, simply pour in 1/3 cup of water and cover the frying pan. In no time at all, the steam created by the water will cook the top side of the eggs!

I will definitely be adding this breakfast hack to my morning routine — anything to make the a.m. rush a little bit easier!

Watch the video below and let us know what you think of this idea in the comments.

Source: Fried Egg Hack by littlethings on Rumble

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