Everyone's talking about this high schooler's senior portraits

It's that time of year that most students dread: school picture day. One high school senior, however, was right in his element.

Beauty video blogger James Charles Tweeted his look for his senior portraits:

While his makeup was impeccably done, the photos did not look the way he hoped. He told Mashable it was because "the lighting in the room was bad and my highlight was NOT on fleek."

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Back to school @davidfurnish #ShareTheLove
Kindergarten fits these two well. #firstdayofschool
3rd grade🍎👧🏼📚📓
Hallelujah 1st day of school! See ya suckas! 📚📓🍎
Yay!Back to school! Super Proud! 5th & 9th grade!High School for Evelina!Time is flying! Everyone on time and Happy:)May it be a great school year for all! #quiethouse
First day of school for these monkeys. 3rd and 5th grade! Can't believe I'm missing this milestone but I'm homeward bound in less than a day and cannot wait to kiss these faces and beg that they stop growing up so fast! #backtoschool awesome new backpacks by @madpaxofficial and Bradys shorts from @Kingofhartskids. Also @mabelslabels for all their school goodies.
Day 1: #BadBlood singalong w/ Maggie on the way to college! @taylorswift
#RockOn Preschool! Love you, Buddy! 😍
Cookies after first day of first grade! Big boy
First day of 1st grade. 😭
First day of 1st grade! Woo hoo #proudparents #firstgrader #schoolsback #summerover #lovethiskid
I can't believe how fast my baby is growing. First day at her new Catholic school. I'm a hot mess. #GiaFrancesca
1st day of 3rd and 5th grade! I obviously want to join them. My babies are growing up so fast!!!
First day of school ❤️❤️❤️❤️#ProudMommy
#KindergartenReady 🍏❤️
Man my boys are getting to big on their pops! Man please time slow down some. Flies by before u even know it. First day back to school for Bryce (4th grade) and Bronny(6th grade). What!! Did I just say 6th grade?!?! My first born already in middle school. Smh! Enjoy the growth people with your kids cause if u don't it'll pass u right by. To my young Kings(Bryce and Bronny) continue to enjoy the process/journey and know I'll always have your back! Love! #JamesGang #BackToSchool #StriveForGreatness #RWTW
Legs for miles!!! My beautiful milo starts school today!!! 📸 @roystonlangdon
Off they go💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻 Love them sooo much ❤️❤️

Charles decided to retake the pictures -- and this time, he brought his own lighting. He tweeted the new-and-improved portraits:

Charles' beautiful photos and amusing story has caused the Tweets to go viral, generating thousands of likes and retweets.

Charles was shocked at the reception. "I thought they would do pretty well since my followers were so kind when I posted photos from the morning of the original shoot," he told Mashable, "but this all was extremely unexpected."

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