One coffee drink might be too dangerous to drink

By Susana Victoria Perez, Veuer

We all want a jolt from our morning coffee to get us through the start of our day -- but one particular coffee drink in Australia has so much caffeine that it could be too dangerous for some to drink.

We're talking 80 times the amount of caffeine of the average single cup of coffee -- now that's a jolt!

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Viscous Coffee in Adelaide prides itself on having the world's strongest cup of coffee, with four shots of espresso, 120 milliliters of 10-day brewed cold drip coffee and eight ice cubes made from 48-hour brewed cold drip.

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Coffee and espresso drinks explained
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Coffee and espresso drinks explained

A latte is espresso and steamed milk with a small amount of milk foam on top.

(Photo by Derek Davis/Portland Press Herald via Getty Images)

A cappuccino should be equal parts espresso, steamed milk, and milk foam. 

(Photo by Florian Gaertner/Photothek via Getty Images)

dry cappuccino features less of the traditional steamed milk and more milk foam in its place.

(Photo by Etienne Voss via Getty Images)

cafe au lait is traditional black coffee mixed with warmed milk.

(Photo by Waring Abbott/Getty Images)

Espresso is specially brewed coffee, created with finely ground coffee beans brewed under pressure with nearly-boiling water. 

(Photo by Jeremy Piper/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

macchiato, traditionally, is a 'stained' espresso -- espresso with just a dot of milk.

(Photo by Nigel Noyes via Getty Images)

An Americano is espresso mixed with hot water. 

(Photo by Ben Monk via Getty Images)

cortado is espresso that is 'cut' with an equal amount of milk. 

(Photo by Anthony Collins via Getty Images)

red eye is for the severely under-caffeinated -- espresso shots mixed in with a regular black coffee

(Photo by Dima Sobko via Shutterstock)


It's called the "A** Kicker" and was originally created by coffee shop owner Steve Benington to help an ER nurse who had to stay awake overnight. It has since been "toned down" for coffee lovers that visit the shop.

The FDA reports that the average American consumes two 5-ounce cups of coffee a day, only a tiny fraction of Benington's concoction.

The "A** Kicker" is meant to be consumed over long periods of time and not suggested for people with high blood pressure or heart conditions. The caffeine buzz can last about 12-18 hours.

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