Learn a new language with 66% off Rosetta Stone

5 Programs to Help You Learn New Languages

Parlez-vous Français? Un poquito Español? Italiano? How about English? Well, you'll be chatting up a storm in a brand new language soon thanks to the Rosetta Stone Language Box Set (Levels 1-4).

It's no secret that Rosetta Stone is the cream of the crop when it comes to learning a new language. That's because it uses innovative techniques that actually work, not a boring high school textbook. You'll learn to speak, write and comprehend by matching pictures to words and you'll even take 12 live courses with a native-speaking instructor.

We know you're ready to sip some vino in Roma, or maybe some sangria in Madrid. Order like a pro, ask where the bathroom is and even navigate around a new city. For just $149.99 you'll expand your vocab and your horizons. Choose from French, Spanish, Italian, or English!

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