Are dinosaur tails the next hot fashion trend?

Dinosaur Tails - Next Hot Fashion Trend?

U.K.-based fashion company ASOS has an unusual accessory for sale.

It is called the Tell Tails Shinosaur Tail which, when worn, can give a person the appearance of having a dinosaur tail emerging from his or her backside.

According to the retailer's website, the 39-inch-long appendage is made of crushed velvet that has been stuffed.

It attaches to the body with an adjustable, clip-on belt like the kind used on fanny packs, notes BuzzFeed News.

While the tail currently appears to be available in green for just over $40, CNET reports the black one appears to be out of stock.

ASOS is also selling fox, wolf, cat, and leopard tails.

Shop the trendy tails below -- if only for your upcoming Halloween costume!

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