10 fashion favorites for fall under $50

Trend Report: Fall Fashion Trends

So even though it's still hot as all hell outside, fall is coming. Which means we'll be packing up all the tank tops, white jeans and shorts in the next few weeks (well some of us – I know my friends farther south will be sporting those for weeks to come).

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I'm looking to add a few key pieces to my fall rotation but trying to avoid over buying and more importantly, trying to stay on budget. Lately I've been editing my closet down and have noticed that the majority of things are black, white and navy with some grays and neutrals thrown in. Yes, it may be a little boring but it does make getting dressed in the mornings much easier. The other good thing is that if you stick with a simple, neutral color palette you can find some really nice basics that look way fancier than their price tag suggests.

I've rounded up ten basics that are perfect for fall (and beyond) and that all fall in my shopping sweet spot – the under $50 range. Oh and I know the Loft top below is technically $59 but they've got a buy one, get one 50% off thing going on right now so if you splurge on two, it's under $50. Yes, I know that's cheating and no, I don't care.

Oh and I feel like I must mention with the bandana, I've certainly have not mastered pulling off the jaunty bandana around the neck look yet. Quite frankly, I doubt I ever will. That doesn't mean I don't think a lot of you have it in you to TOTALLY pull it off. Plus, this cute polka dot option is only $12 so if it doesn't work out, you can use it as a hanky or something.

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