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Over the past summer I have been determined to whittle down my travel baggage to hand luggage only when possible. Oli has long used a backpack alone to travel and his easy breezy route through security and straight out the other end of the journey (no baggage reel!) inspired me to give it a go too.

One thing which has always been a stumbling block with traveling with hand luggage only has been beauty products – either too many of them or traveling with items which are over 100ml.

I took a long hard look at my beauty regime when we were packing up for Obonjan this summer and realized I could easily simplify my beauty bag to a selection which was under 100ml, and which I could take with me in hand luggage only.

Now, two trips in I am VERY happy to report that I have traveled with hand luggage beauty only and haven't sacrificed any of my routine. Although I could have done with a mattifying product in Asia – that humidity.

Read on for my roundup of every one of my under 100ml hand luggage beauty products, as well as some tips for traveling – including a see-through beauty bag – life changing! I hope you'll find this post useful if you too are looking to travel with hand luggage beauty products alone.

Hand Luggage Beauty Edit | The Elgin Avenue Blog

My Hand Luggage Beauty Regime – All My Favorite Products Under 100ml

Eye makeup remover:Melvita Bouquet Floral Eye Make-up Remover | I just added the Melvita Floral Eye Make-up Remover to my routine. My eye makeup is the one thing which leaves residue if I don't take it off properly, and so having this nifty little bottle to hand is so helpful. Given that it is a cleanser, sometimes I sweep it over the rest of my face too.

Blemish Treatment:Kiehl's Blemish Control Daily Skin-Clearing Treatment | My most recent trip to Singapore and Thailand challenged me hugely when it came to my skincare. I had forgotten my normal skin treatment solution, and didn't have a mattifying lotion or potion to my name (big mistake in the humidity!) – by the time my Dad and I were flying back home my skin was breaking out. In Dubai airport I went in search of some sort of skin-clearing treatment, and came across the Kiehl's Blemish Control Skin-Clearing Treatment. You guys, this stuff is AMAZING!

I cleaned my skin, and applied a layer of this for the last leg of our journey. I actively felt my skin cool, the blemished areas tighten, and by the time I got off the plane my skin felt altogether calmer and it seems to have stopped my breakout in its tracks.

Now that I'm home I've even continued to use this skin-clearing treatment instead of my usual routine.

Primer:Erborian Pink Perfect Primer | During the summer months I like to lighten up my skin makeup – choosing lighter foundation formulas or simply a great primer or tinted moisturiser. The Erborian Pink Perfect Primer promises a 'blur' effect on skin. On the days we weren't taking meetings in Singapore, I opted to use this primer alone with a little concealer. It's true that it gives an overall perfected finish whilst providing a great jolt of moisture.

The only drawback with this product was that it felt a little greasy in the humidity of our locations, but I have a feeling this would have been a non-issue had I travelled with any mattifying products – lessen learnt!

Foundation:Erborian Liquid BB Creme in Dore | I L O V E this product! I first started using the Erborian Liquid BB Creme when Oli and I were on Obonjan. It was the perfect compact foundation-type product. The BB formula provides great coverage, and bar a tiny bit of concealer was the only skin makeup I needed day to day. Its size is dreamy for hand luggage – foundation bottles can be so bulky.

Right now the BB cream is available in two colors via QVC in the UK – Dore which I have and Clair which is a lighter color.

Concealer:Estēe Lauder Perfectionist Youth-Infusing Brightening Serum + Concealer | I mentioned this double-ended product in my Bright Eyes Tool Kit post – it is without a doubt one of my favorite products of 2016 so far.

I use the brightening serum under my eyes, and the concealer end for blemishes. Not only do I adore the formulas of both ends of this Estēe Lauder product, but since we are talking hand luggage beauty it saves SO much space to have one product which can tackle two makeup needs.

Bronzer:YSL Beauty Les Sahariennes in No. 6 Sienne | A liquid to powder bronzer which delivers just the right amount of glow – I am a super fan of the YSL Le Sahariennes bronzer and have been using it non-stop this summer. In particular this bronzer works really well over a BB creme, or even on moisturized skin alone as the liquid formula blends in beautifully and gives a true 'glow'.

Fake Tan For Face: Garnier Ambre Solair No Streaks Bronzer Face Mist | I've been using this product for ten years, and no matter how many alternative facial fake tans I try, this is still my favorite.

You may think it is counter-intuitive to use a facial fake tan when you are on holiday, but this is one of my favorite tricks for staying safe in the sun. I dose up on SPF during the day, and in the evening I use a spritz of this. My facial tan always seems to last less time than my body too – mainly I think because of applying and removing makeup every day. A top-up with this face mist ensures your face and body maintain a similarly bronzed visage.

"A see-through beauty case will save you pulling out your products and putting them in a zip-top bag at security"

Eyeshadow: Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Forever Taupe | This is such a nifty little eyeshadow pot, as you can see from the photos I have almost finished it. Rather than carrying a large palette of eyeshadows, this Maybelline Color Tattoo eyeshadow satisfies all my eye shadow requirements which a pretty neutral taupe hue. If I want to build up any color, I can use my bronzer or eyeliner to work in more depth.

Bonus – the formula of this eyeshadow is SUPER long wear so it doesn't move in the heat when traveling.

Mascara:Revlon Super Length Mascara | I am very picky with mascaras and this Revlon formula is one of the only ones I have found in recent years that I really love. It takes some building up, but with a few layers lashes are thick and separated and the formula never flakes.

Eyeliner:Estēe Lauder Infinite Double Wear Waterproof Eyeliner Kohl Noir | This eyeliner is SO good. If you suffer with eyeliner and shadows slipping (like me) then this waterproof formula will answer your long-stay prayers. The black is a true dark hue, and once on it doesn't move.

Over the summer I rarely wear a lot of eye makeup, but a smudge of this black eyeliner in the outer corner of my eyes always makes me feel pulled-together, and is a great trick for creating wider looking eyes.

Eye Drops:Optrex Brightening Eye Drops | My #1 trick for faking rested eyes is this little bottle of eye-brightening goodness. Travel and jet lag can make my eyes super dry and weary. I use a couple of drops of these when I am on a long haul flight or when I an feeling particularly tired during the day. They take away an residual redness and help make your eyes look truly sparkly.

Space-saving tip – buy SPF and hair products at the airport. You'll likely use them up when on holiday anyway."

Brow pencil: Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil | 'Goof Proof' just about sums this eyebrow pencil up. The slanted tip makes it super easy to fill in and shape brows. I was immediately hooked on it. Even in the heat the color stays firmly put.

Blush Pink Lipstick: NYX Cosmetics Butter Lipstick in 'Fun Size' | I only ever carry two lipsticks with me on holiday – a neutral blush pink, and a proper pop of red. This NYX 'Fun Size' color is my favorite coral blush color, it adds a little vibrancy without looking heavy. The formula is super moisturizing too.

Red Lipstick:Estēe Lauder Pure Color Envy Lipstick in 'Carnal' | A true orangey red is my favorite for summer – as you can see in this post. A pop of red lipstick is all you need against great brows and bronzed skin for a Mediterranean take on dressy makeup. I love the Estēe Lauder Pure Color Envy lipsticks, their formula is moisturizing and long wearing, with great strong pigments. My favorite color is Carnal but it is currently sold out, 'Impassioned' looks similar.

Beauty Items I Buy At The Airport

If you've read through my list of 'under 100s' and are wondering what I do for things like toothpaste and SPF, here's my trick – anything which I think I'll use up whilst on holiday, I buy at the airport. This saves so much space on your liquid allowance at security. The things I always buy at the airport include:

  • Miniature shampoo and conditioner.
  • Miniature shower gel.
  • Miniature dry shampoo.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Tooth brush & tooth paste.
  • Makeup remover wipes.
  • Disposable razors.

A See-Through Makeup Bag Is Your Travel BFF

Buy a see-through beauty case for all of your products to avoid getting all of your liquids out and putting them in to a zippy bag – one of my pet hates at the airport.

I've rounded up some of my favorite see-through beauty bags below, including my ultimate wish-list one – the classic Anya Hindmarch Plastic Beauty Travel Bag.

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