Is this a normal-sized cat or a gigantic monster?

Is This A Normal Cat or A Gigantic Monster?

As all selfie-loving humans know, when taking a photo, the angle is EVERYTHING.

Cats, however, seem to be completely unaware of that rule -- at least, this one is.

Coco's owner Morgan told that her 12-year-old, mixed breed cat only weights about 15 pounds.

However, a photo she snapped of Coco sitting on her mom's lap would have you believe she was nearly the size of a full grown human being.

Photo: Morgan Giordano

According to Morgan, Coco "has always had fairly large and had a little extra skin and fluff hanging off her belly," but even she was shocked at her beloved pet's gargantuan appearance in the picture.

"I guarantee she is healthy and we aren't overfeeding her!" she added.

And the proof of that is in the pudding -- in a second image she shared with us, you can see that Coco is actually a relatively normal sized feline.

Photo: Morgan Giordano

Extra pounds or not, we think Coco is absolutely purrrrrfect.

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