Health experts believe mosquitoes prefer certain types of people


Everyone has an aunt who spends all summer claiming they're like catnip to mosquitoes.

As it turns out, health experts believe mosquitoes actually do prefer certain types of people. Here are a few factors that may make you "mosquito bait."

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1. Pregnancy

Pregnant women exhale more carbon dioxide, which attracts mosquitoes.

That's concerning because the mosquito-borne Zika virus poses a serious risk of birth defects if women get infected during pregnancy.

2. Exercise

After a run outside, expect to get a few mosquito bites. The's because the insects are attracted to lactic acid.

It's a compound produced after exercising, and mosquitoes love it.

Keep mosquitoes away:

3. Drinking Alcohol

Health experts think drinkers are more attractive to mosquitoes because alcohol raises our body temperature, and mosquitoes zero in on warm bodies.

4. Type O Blood

According to a study, people with Type O blood were 83 percent more likely to get bitten. Typically, people with Type A have the lowest risk.

So if you're more prone to bites, pick up some bug spray and keep the skeeters at bay!

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