Study finds losing a pet is as hard as losing a family member

New Study Shows Losing A Pet As Hard As A Family Member
New Study Shows Losing A Pet As Hard As A Family Member

By: TC Newman

Any pet owner would agree that the animal is no different than another family member. The family pet is cared for just like a child; some owners even spoil their animals with birthday cakes!

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A new poll is proving the connection is as strong as it seems, with the results showing that humans are just as traumatized by the death of a pet as the death of a human family member.

More than 2,000 adults were asked about their relationships with animals, and 63 percent of them admitted they get emotionally attached to their furry companions.

This would explain all of the dressed up #DogsOfInstagram.

When it comes to a pet's final days, the time is distressing to the entire family. The heartbreak weighs even heavier with women, with 71 percent of females reporting bereavement of a family animal is just as devastating as a relative.

Men, on the other hand, tried to play it cool when it came to their pets. Still, 55 percent of the males polled admitted they were equally devastated over pet deaths as they are with human deaths.

In general, animals have a shorter life expectancy than humans do. So, with the results of this study exposing how attached humans get to their pooches, we can probably expect a spike in animal health insurance.

Not to mention a rise in dog treat sales, too!

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