Japanese baker makes adorable works of art in each loaf

Japanese patterned baked loaves become internet hit
Japanese patterned baked loaves become internet hit

Imagine cutting through a loaf of bread from @konel_bread and being pleasantly surprised by a work of art in each slice.

It's hard to imagine how much planning ahead goes into each of the Japanese baker's creations.

See the creations below:

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She posts pictures and videos of her loaves on Instagram, and explains in the captions that she took a page of inspiration from sushi roll art.

She bakes at home, and gets her son to help out filming for some of her posts.

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Bread art like this is typically made with separate rolls of coloured dough. The dough is arranged in long tubes that will eventually puff up into larger shapes as the bread bakes, so the baker needs to plan ahead for the way the dough expands.

Her designs stretch from leopard print patterns, to lemon slices — with pinches to make it look more lemon-like — to cute cartoon characters like Snoopy and Charlie Brown, Keroppi, Totoro and Miffy.

We've reached out to @konel_bread for more.

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