Beer can make you a mosquito magnet

Why Beer Can Make You a Mosquito Magnet

By Amanda Kabbabe and Patrick Jones, Buzz60

Summer is the perfect time to lie outside and soak in the sun, beer in hand (if you're 21 or older, of course).

But what if someone told you that your beer habit was attracting the absolute worst part of summer? Mosquitoes!

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Research has shown that people who drink even the smallest amount of beer are more likely to be bitten than someone who opted for harder alcohols, like tequila or even Pinot Grigio.

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Beer can make you a mosquito magnet

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That's not to say avoiding beer is going to relieve you from mosquito bites altogether.

According to Smithsonian, 20 percent of people will still be feasted on by mosquitos just based on their blood type.

Some mosquitos will sense blood to be sweeter than others, which explains why you might end your picnic with a hundred bites and your fellow picnic-goers hardly have any.

A good way to avoid mosquito bites is to wear longer, loose-fitting clothing. The mosquitos don't want to work that hard for their meals, so they'll leave you alone and head right for the fool in the tank top and shorts.

Also, avoid standing water. Mosquitos love to take a dip just as much as you do.

Whatever you do, don't fall for the marketing schemes put on by "bug zapper" sellers. These devices don't actually work against mosquitos, and you'll likely be covered in bites and be out 20 bucks.

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