This is what Pippa Middleton eats in a day

How to Get a Bum Like Pippa Middleton
How to Get a Bum Like Pippa Middleton

Pippa Middleton leads a very active life—just last month, the 32-year-old competed in the Birkebeiner cross-country ski race, a 33-mile journey in Norway that benefits disabled skiers and snowboarders. Before that, she spent last fall training for and competing in a 47-mile race in Sweden that required her to alternate between swimming through frigid water and running through rugged natural terrain (NBD). Last summer, she completed her first marathon in Kenya. In short, Middleton never seems to stop moving.

Luckily, she isn't shy about sharing what she eats to fuel such a busy lifestyle. Her eating habits are simple but effective—three meals a day, attention to portion sizes, and moderation when it comes to less healthy foods. "I try to eat wholegrain, energy-fuelled carbohydrates and three meals a day," she told Hello magazine. She also noted that her eating reflects when she's training for a race. "I also increase my portion sizes based on my training level, with lots of brown rice, lentils, quinoa and sweet potato, and for breakfast, porridge and rye toast." She revealed to the mag that her diet doesn't shift very drastically until the final week or two before her race or other athletic challenge. "I don't get fussy, though, because I enjoy food too much. But a week or so before an event I'm quite conscious of eating really nutritious foods to store energy and I cut out alcohol, refined sugar and processed foods."

It's impossible not to admire Middleton at least a tiny bit. Not only is she an absolute badass who regularly completes massive physical challenges like they're no big thing (and in beautiful locations, no less), but also her approach to food is totally relatable. While more complex eating regimens definitely have their place in this world (and if they make you feel your best, that's great!), Middleton's take on healthy eating is something so simple that any woman who looks up to Pippa (raises hand) could easily try herself with a trip to her local grocery store. There's nothing better than that! Keep calm and keep slaying, Pippa.

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