Easy yoga poses you can do at your desk

Yoga Stretch for Desk Sitters
Yoga Stretch for Desk Sitters

It's mid-afternoon and you are feeling that dreadful slump but instead of reaching for that second (or third, fourth -- we don't judge) cup of coffee, how about a little stretch to wake you up?

Sitting all day can take a huge toll on your body and what better way to invigorate yourself with easy-to-do yoga poses right at your desk. Yoga not only replenishes your mind and body, but these sitting to standing transitional poses are a great way to give you that afternoon wake-up call.

XDesk has created the perfect guide to practicing some easy and simple poses right at your standing desk! And if you currently don't have a standing desk, check out their selection of adjustable and fixed standing desks.

Click below for the complete guide to these poses:

And for more yoga fun, check out our favorite yoga pants (for practicing or not practicing) below! Namaste.

By Magdalena Guillen

Originally published