8 spring beauty mistakes to avoid

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8 spring beauty mistakes to avoid

MISTAKE: Keeping Your Winter Skin Care Routine

FIX: Warmer weather warrants new skin care. Swap out heavy moisturizers for lighter options that will keep you shine-free once spring rolls around. 

MISTAKE: Forgetting to Exfoliate

FIX: We hope you've been exfoliating throughout the winter months, but don't stop once the end of March rolls around! To keep your skin in tip-top shape, exfoliate at least once a week to get rid of unwanted dead skin cells. You'll help keep your pores clean while also brightening your skin

MISTAKE: Skipping the SPF

FIX: It seems obvious (and it is) that the summer months aren’t the only time you should be applying sunscreen. Since your skin has basically been in hibernation, it’s imperative that you protect it from both UVA and UVB rays with a broad-spectrum sunscreen.

MISTAKE: Not Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes

FIX: Most of us have fallen victim to skipping this important step. Not only do unclean brushes cause breakouts, but they can inhibit makeup application, too. So the next time you’re test-driving the perfect smoky eye, wash your brushes in a gentle shampoo or cleanser before grabbing your eye shadow.

MISTAKE: Over-Bronzing

FIX: Yes, it’s getting warmer! But before you layer on the bronzer, consider using a CC cream to brighten skin and provide a more natural look at the start of the season. If you’re desperately in need of allover color, try a tanning serum to allow for more even application without the risk of sun damage.

MISTAKE: Out-of-Season Makeup

FIX: The plums and deeper tones that are perfect for winter are not ideal for spring -- and this includes the hues on your nails! Go bold with neons and bright colors, and keep your makeup sweet and light.

MISTAKE: Neglecting Your Hair

FIX: Don't forget to stock up on products that will keep your hair healthy this spring. Tame frizz and flyaways with a frizz-vanishing cream!

MISTAKE: Jumping in the Water With Dry Hair

FIX: Whether you're enjoying a warm spring day or your spring break vacation (lucky you!), take care of those luscious locks. When you soak your hair with water and conditioner before entering the pool or the ocean, it significantly reduces the damage that the harsh chlorine and salt can do to your hair.

By: The Beauty Experts at L'Oréal Paris

We could not be more excited for spring! With winter finally behind us, it's time to start working on our summer glow while enjoying more and more time outside. But before breaking out the flip-flops and culottes, you might want to rethink your current beauty routine. There are a handful of classic spring beauty mistakes we all make and can easily avoid with a few simple tricks.

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