Baby goat sets new standard for yoga partners everywhere

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Yoga studios offer chances to down dog with real-life pooches and cat-cow with kitties, but they may need to invent a new pose for this barnyard animal.

Rachel Brathen, the island-dwelling instructor behind the viral Yoga Girl Instagram account, was given a baby goat from her husband for Christmas. Since then, Penny Lane the goat has taken couple's yoga to a new extreme by performing gravity defying tricks on Brathen's back.

The kid has blended seamlessly into Yoga Girl's lust-worthy lifestyle in Aruba. Penny likes to hang around the house and take it all in.

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#yogaeverydamnday just reached 5 million tags!!! When I created the hashtag years ago I never thought it would become such a huge movement. My intention was to inspire people to practice yoga daily (5 minutes of meditation is yoga, too!), to show that yoga is for EVERYONE and that this practice is so much more than a pose. So much more than just the body. It can't be captured in a photo or explained in an Instagram caption but it's a personal journey of the heart and soul. I've had amazing experiences thanks to Instagram and found a beautiful community to call home. I've shared photos from all over the world, captured classes of thousands of people, shared yoga with my family, my dog, my goat(!) and every big milestone in my life over the past years. Thanks to this platform I was able to found @109world and @sgtpeppersfriends - all successful initiatives to make this world a better place. However, I find myself continuously reminding people that the reality of my practice will never be captured in a photo. The online world is beautiful, but it's scratching at the surface of what yoga is. The tears I shed in Savasana, the frustration I feel in backbends, the joy of trying new transitions, the pain that comes and goes in my upper back, rolling out my mat close enough to my husbands so we can hold hands in hip openers, breathing into a place that unexpectedly takes me back to my childhood, placing my forehead on the earth in silence, moving into child's pose drenched in sweat after an intense sequence, repeating thank you thank you THANK YOU to myself out loud because the gratitude I feel for my body and my breath sometimes becomes so overwhelming I don't know what to do with my emotions... These moments, and many more, will never be captured by my iPhone. Yoga is a way for me to reach out into the world, it's how I connect with this vast community, but it's also how I reach deep within myself. The essence of my yoga practice is vulnerable, personal and deeply intimate. I hope that throughout this journey I've inspired you to roll out your mat from the heart, too. To practice with intention. To love yourself. Every damn day.

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And go for a dip after standup paddleboard lessons.

But most of all, Penny has picked up Yoga Girl's famous moves. She can even hold her balance during an advanced arm balance. Try to get your cat to cooperate like that.

But before rushing out to buy your own kid, remember that goats do grow up and not every animal is as zen as Penny.

Watch the video below to see adorably annoying animals ruining their owners' yoga practices:

Pets Interrupting Yoga

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