5 beauty hacks for busy moms

By: The Beauty Experts at L'Oréal Paris

Ah, the Polished Mom. You've seen her at PTA meetings and spied her at school drop-off. She's the envy of almost every parent in your playgroup. Yes, she looks perfectly put together at all times. Think: freshly blown-out strands, dewy skin and natural-ish makeup that looks as if it's been applied by a pro. It makes you wonder, "How does she do it?" Well, you're in luck, because we've got the answer -- hacks!

With just a few of these simple tricks and innovative products, you can maximize your "me" time and look good while doing it. There's about to be a new Polished Mommy in town -- you!

1. Use a Style-Boosting Shampoo and Conditioner
Because finding time to shower, let alone dry your hair, can be a challenge, a product that helps to speed the styling process will have you looking enviable in no time. Smooth Intense Ultimate Straight Shampoo is our go-to. Its key ingredient, Kera-Tourmaline, reacts with the heat from the blow-dryer to help protect and straighten your strands in record time.

2. Wick Away Hair Moisture Before You Blow-Dry
You've probably heard of "rough-drying," and if not, here's the deal: It's a blow-drying technique in which you use your fingers and a blow-dryer to remove excess moisture (aka wick) from wet strands before you begin styling with a brush. For a sleek blowout, you would finger-comb your hair downward and follow with a dryer pointed at a 45-degree angle. If you're going for a bouncy, bombshell look, you'll do the same thing but in an upward motion. And to speed the drying process even more, a quick-dry primer spray is your best bet!

3. Avoid Makeup Meltdown with Long-Wear Foundation
When it comes to your face makeup, the key to success on a limited timeline is a product that offers everything you need – full coverage (that doesn't look cakey) and a dewy glow (that won't skew shiny), with minimal to no touch-ups needed -- all in one container. Plus, because you will wear it all day long, it should be light and breathable, too. This demi-matte formula is the airiest we've found. And it comes in 12 shades, so finding one that matches your skin tone should be a breeze.

4. Buy a Nude Eye Shadow Palette A natural eye-makeup look is key for on-the-go moms, which makes a nude eye shadow palette basically essential. With a range of neutral shades available (that look good on every skin tone), you can easily pick one for a single- or duo-color application that takes mere seconds. Then, when you have more time (perhaps for a date night), you can try layering the shades for a world of different combo creations. One trip to the store, infinite shadow looks -- that's what we call a time-saver. This palette has step-by-step tutorials that make application easy, even if you don't normally wear makeup.

5. Choose Lipstick that Won't Wear Off
A touch of color on your lips can do wonders to help you play the polished role. Especially if the rest of your makeup is super-minimal (like just mascara), a bright lip hue can give your look some extra oomph. And, the only way to wear lipstick and still give your kids kisses (minus the dreaded grandma-style lip stamp) is long-wear lip color that actually lasts. Our pick: Infallible Pro-Last Lipcolor by L'Oréal. The two-step formula makes for great color payoff and sealed stain. Plus, because the balm is über-moisturizing, you can eliminate one more item -- lip salve -- from your ever-growing list of things to carry around.

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