11 chic living rooms from our favorite celebrities

Homes of Celebrities Under 30
Homes of Celebrities Under 30

When it comes to celebrity homes, we all get a little voyeuristic. With access to the most talented interior designers and the finances to buy the coolest furniture, celebrity homes keep our intrigue levels on high alert. The space we're always most interested to see is the living room. Why? Well, it's akin to a designer showcase—everything the owner wants to say about his style and home accumulates in this one room; it truly evokes their unique personality. There's always something we can take away from a living room and implement in our own homes too. From Naomi Watts's elevated family oasis to Derek Lam's easygoing, elegant apartment, we rounded up some of our favorite celebrity living rooms along with the top items to steal. Scroll through the gallery below to see our picks.

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