11 items that'll make you more productive this year

best desk organization tools
best desk organization tools

February is a great time to reset and make sure you are following through with all the good habits you kicked into gear in January. While it may not be the most popular resolution, improving your productivity can have far-reaching impacts on your life. Think about it: This could be the year you finally land that big promotion, start your own business or start managing your money better. This could be the year that you finally digitize old pictures or plan an epic vacation.

Creating an organized, functional desk is a great place to start. The right desk setup at work or at your home office could make all the difference in accomplishing your goals. Then add in a few things to make you smile or to inspire you, and boom! You are on your way to a successful 2016.

We've compiled our favorite finds that'll help perfect your desk space. From a cord organizer to a sand timer and even a foot hammock, these items will keep you motivated, focused and ready for your most productive year yet!

Check out all of our favorites in the gallery below:

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