9 last-minute Halloween makeup and hair ideas

9 last minute Halloween makeup and hair ideas
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9 last-minute Halloween makeup and hair ideas

Miss Mouse

While everyone is doing the cat thing, switch it up with shorter whiskers and two topknots that mimic mouse ears.

How To:

Draw your animal nose and whiskers using liquid liner. Then create pigtails and swirl each one into a knot. 

Ventriloquist Dummy

Don’t let the name fool you: With a bit of contouring, a smoky eye, a nude lip and some strategically placed lines, this is one of the smartest (and prettiest) ideas we’ve seen.

How To:

Use a sharpened black eyeliner pencil and a ruler to draw two vertical lines -- one from each corner of your mouth -- straight down to your jawline. 

Tribal Warrior

We’re kind of obsessed with this powerful paint job. The key elements for re-creation: understated brows, fiery red lips and pattern play worthy of the runway.

How To:

If you have dark brows, brush them with concealer (light brows can stay untouched). Then build a base for your “bandanna” with a creamy eye shadow. Next, using a variety of lip and eyeliner pencils, create a pattern. For extra credit, accent your design with small beads and sequins adhered with eyelash glue. Then pick a lip color that mimics your new armor-like art. 

Evil Queen

With a great liquid eyeliner, you can master a handful of Halloween makeup ideas -- everything from cat whiskers to a Mardi Gras mask. Liquid liner is also the must-have behind this genius -- that is, evil genius, look.

How To:

Use liquid liner to trace a winged-mask design around your eyes, leaving the length of the nose free of liner. Then create the outline of a widow’s peak (or an upside down triangle) on your forehead. Fill it all in; then use a lip pencil to create winged lips or just go with a deep-berry-colored pout. 

Bohemian Beauty

The terms “hippie chic” and “floral crown” kind of go hand in hand. Add this more delicate take on a mask into the mix, and suddenly your ’70s-inspired ensemble gets elevated to goddess status.

How To:

Use a collection of pink-toned lip liners to create a smattering of itty-bitty flowers and stars. Style your hair in loose waves, or consider giving fishtail-braided pigtails a go.     

Rosie the Riveter

Red lips and a graphic cat eye give this iconic World War II gal a more glamorous vibe. We imagine your fall wardrobe already includes at least one piece of plaid, so your costume needs are pretty much set.

How To:

Use black liquid liner to create your favorite take on a winged-liner look, and choose a bold red lipstick to accentuate your pout. Then pull your strands into a sleek bun, leaving a small front section loose to twirl into a barrel roll, and finish it off with a bandanna head wrap. 

Gatsby Gal

A finger wave is the ultimate ’do of the Roaring Twenties. Rock this look with one of fall’s most lust-worthy trends -- the berry lip -- and a dramatic smoky eye to transform yourself into the belle of the costume ball.

How To:

To master the finger-wave hairstyle, start with a deep side part and dry hair. Then apply a generous helping of strong-hold mousse, and use the length of your fingers to pinch one-inch sections of hair perpendicularly down the length of your strands. Clip each pinch and spray with strong-hold hairspray to set the style.

Porcelain Doll

Tough girls have a soft, ahem fragile side, too. Show yours off with liquid eyeliner and this take on a “broken” porcelain doll.

How To:

First things first, you’ll want to use a lightweight foundation to create the perfect porcelain canvas. Then, using eyeliner, draw a few large zigzag lines and then branch off each large line with smaller, more delicate jagged lines.

Ice Princess

We’re almost certain that Elsa costumes will be ruling the elementary school Halloween circuit, but for the more mature crowd, try a more elegant take on a frosty queen. Think silvery eye shadow and windblown strands for a style that’s sure to give everyone the chills.

How To:

Texturizing spray, hairspray and a few blasts with the blow-dryer will give you these tousled strands in no time. For makeup, it’s all about the eyes. A combination of glittery-silver and shimmery-blue shadow should do the trick. Play around until you find the perfect mix. Finish with doll lashes reminiscent of black icicles.

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By: The Beauty Experts at L'Oréal Paris

With party invites already filling up your inbox and the clock winding down, threatening to thwart your ambitious Halloween costume goals -- in other words, the only options still in stock are basics like the nurse or the witch -- you might want to consider DIYing your dress-up this season. However, if you're doing the crafty costume thing, your makeup better be on point. Here are some killer last-minute Halloween beauty ideas that even a novice can pull off (er, put on).

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