You won't look at mouthwash the same after seeing these unusual uses for it

So, here's something new -- mouthwash isn't only used for getting rid of bad breath and cleaning your gums! Yes, that's right, there are actually plenty of uses for mouthwash that we bet your never knew existed. While you're probably contemplating in your head exactly what they could be and how this liquid could actually benefit you in more ways that one, we're here to help you out a bit.

Trust us when we say, we're just as surprised as you! Yes, it's great for all things mouth related, but it's also great for getting rid of dandruff, helping with underarm odor and a ton of other remedies! Mind blown yet? If not, let's drive it home. Take a look at 5 unbelievable uses for mouthwash.

1) Keep flowers fresh

The antibacterial properties make it perfect for extending the life of flowers.

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2) Treat athletes foot

The high alcohol content helps ward off fungal infection.

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3) Clean your toilet bowl

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4) Freshen laundry

Avoid that musty odor with a cup of alcohol-based, sugar-free mouthwash.

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5) Reduce underarm odor

The antiseptic ingredients kill bacteria under your arms.

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For more unusual uses, click through below for ways to use castor oil:
Uses for castor oil
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You won't look at mouthwash the same after seeing these unusual uses for it

1. After-sun

I'm always looking for the next best thing when it comes after-sun, especially since I often get irritations around my chest area. My dermatologist would recommend skipping sun altogether, but I'm from SoCal and it's hard to consider that as an option. Castor oil is an all around great moisturizer and especially soothing for post-sunkissed skin. I lather a thin layer on areas that receive the most sun exposure like my chest and shoulder to help retain a tan and keep my skin hydrated.

Photo Credit: The Spicy Stiletto 

2. Lash and brow lengthener

Lashes and brows have always been a challenge. I tried lash extensions a few times and didn't like how my natural lashes ended up falling out. Not to mention, upkeep is definitely expensive. And as for my brows go, they can simply be described as "sparse". They tend to grow in all different directions causing them my brows look thinner than they actually are. Then, a year ago I entered a brow threading salon (I go to Looks on 14th) and discovered using castor oil for brows. I started applying it nightly to my brows and just a few times a week to my lashes. My brows and lashes have since grown up far thicker and longer, and for the first time, I'm not completely self-conscious.

Additionally, I apply the oil to my brows and lashes using a clean eyelash brush before applying mascara or filling in my brows.

Photo Credit: The Spicy Stiletto 

3. Lip moisturizer

It doesn't matter how often I apply lip balm, my lips always need that extra boost of moisture to prevent them from peeling. More recently, I started applying a drop of castor oil to my lips before lipstick application and it's proven to work wonders.

Photo Credit: The Spicy Stiletto 

4. Face mask

I regularly apply a variation of moisturizing face masks, especially since my skin teeters between normal and dry, but this past winter I was really bad about upkeep. So to make up for it, I started applying a few drops of castor oil under my face masks to give it an extra moisture boost. It's worked wonders in restoring some dry problem areas on my face.

Photo Credit: The Spicy Stiletto 

5. Natural coffee and castor exfoliating scrub

I actually love using coffee grounds as an exfoliant, often pairing it with oils like macadamia and grape seed, but more recently, castor oil has been the go-to option. This is a great scrub to use if you suffer from eczema like I do, or if you're a few weeks off a tan and peeling. I apply a 2:1 ratio, fresh coffee grounds to castor oil and then gently scrub in a circular motion. It's great for concentrated use -- my preferred include my hands, feet, and legs.

Photo Credit: The Spicy Stiletto 


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