9 simple tricks to eat healthier from nutritional therapist Amelia Freer

When Amelia Freer was in her early 20s living and working in London, she was eating what she thought was a normal diet. She'd g-ab a croissant on the way to work, drink a lot of tea with sugar, buy a sandwich at lunchtime, and then grab a takeaway meal in the evening. She started to get terrible acne and began having digestive issues. "I was constantly bloated and in pain ... and always exhausted. I just wasn't a vibrant young 20-year-old girl," she shared.

It was only when a good friend of hers mentioned that she may want to look at what she was eating that she became more aware of her relationship with food. She booked an appointment with a nutritional therapist, and that was the start of her journey. "I realized that I was completely unconscious about what I was eating," she said. "I started to make changes, and my health started to get better, and then I was hooked. I wanted to study it, so I went back to university and studied it for 4 years, and the rest is history. That was 10 years ago."

Now, Amelia works with many clients to give them the personalized nutrition guidance she believes everyone deserves. One of those clients is singer Sam Smith, who publicly praised Amelia's new book, 'Eat. Nourish. Glow.,' on Instagram.

Amelia's book highlights her 10 principles of eating. "As my practice got busier and busier, I realized there are so many hours in the day, and [only] so many clients I can see," she said. Amelia established the fundamental basics she consistently repeats to clients to help them improve or change, and figured out how to generalize them in a way that could help people get on track with their diets.

"It's very difficult to write a book in the sort of personalized way that nutritional therapists work, but I decided to kind of look at what am I consistently suggesting with clients, and that's how the 10 chapters of the book came up," she shared. "If you can't go to see a nutritional therapist on your own, this is a sort of handheld approach to what I have found works the best with clients, and then by the time you've done these 10 chapters, you'll hopefully have cleaned up your diet and be feeling a lot better. And if you do have any symptoms left over, then that's what you need to take to the nutritional therapist's office."

Amelia shared with us a few of her principles, as well as some other takeaways from her book. Check out the slideshow above for 9 simple tricks to eat healthier.

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