3 must-try hairstyles for platinum blondes

By: The Beauty Experts at L'Oréal Paris

These days, there's an impressively large group of A-listers who are rocking icy, platinum-colored hair, making the snow-white shade the "it" hair color of the season -- and perhaps even the year! We're guessing that the reason this shade is killing it on catwalks and red carpets alike is due to an effortlessly chic edginess. Platinum has a bold, trendy quality that just doesn't come through with buttery blond.

So if you're thinking about lightening your locks to cop the look of your favorite trendsetting celebs, there are three things you need to know:

One, bleached blond is a bit more high-maintenance than basic blond (with root touch-ups needed every few weeks to maintain the perfect platinum finish). You should also stock up on anti-brass shampoo and conditioner to help keep your color icy cool.

Two, consider using a bleach lightening system like Féria Absolute Platinum that boasts a seven-level color lift with absolutely no ammonia (woo-hoo!).

And three, you'll need a bold new hairstyle to fully embrace the chic shade -- and that's where we come in. Here are our three favorite looks for girls with icy-white locks:

The Undone Side Ponytail

We have it on good authority -- from celebrity stylist Mara Roszak (she's Zoe Saldana's hair guru) -- that hairstyles with an element of ease and effortlessness are about to be all the rage. She's predicting a red-carpet season full of "updos that feel less 'done' and more organic." This low, side-swept 'tail nails it. Start by blowing out your strands super straight -- a straightening shampoo can help relax your hair before you even introduce heat -- then pull your locks into a low ponytail, leave a few face-framing pieces loose, and spritz with hairspray.

The Sleek Half-Up 'Do

Generally speaking, half-up hairstyles have a tendency to feel sweet. This one, with its pin-straight strands and elastic-free staying power, has an edginess that's perfect for power platinum shades. First, straighten your hair. Then, separate it into two sections: a top section (a small area at the crown of your head) and a bottom section. Tease, or back-comb, the top section, and use a bristle brush to sweep the hair up and back. Spray with lots and lots of strong-hold hairspray.

The Faux-Hawk Bun

We love experimenting with new updos, especially during awards season, and this one offers the perfect mix of classic and couture. If you've already mastered the half-up 'do, adding this traditional chignon will keep your look from feeling too punk. And, like the half-up hairstyle, this not-so-basic bun is all about the sectioning. Start by creating three sections: two on each side and one on top. Brush the side sections into a low, sleek ponytail. Leave the center section loose and tease to your desired height. Then join the center section with the side sections, twist into a bun, and pin.
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