What will your tattoos look like in 50 years?

Getting a tattoo may seem fun and exciting while you're young, but several years from now, will you still feel the same way?

While some people think getting a tattoo is meaningless and far too permanent of a commitment, others look at it as a representation of who they are as a person, a tribute to those they've loved and lost, or a small reminder of things they hold dear.

To these people, tattoos are not solely a permanent marking on their body, but a symbol of something much deeper and more valuable.

On the other hand however -- there are those who are simply tattoo loving, ink crazed, free-spirited individuals who couldn't picture themselves any other way besides being completely, one hundred percent tatted up.

One thing both sets of people have in common? Fifty years later, they still LOVE their ink!

Click through to see a seriously awesome grandpa with 130 tattoos -- proving they only get better with age:

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