7 easy ways to weatherproof your spring beauty routine

By: The Beauty Experts at L'Oréal Paris

We all know that April showers bring more than May flowers -- think runny makeup, soggy strands and frizz -- lots and lots of frizz! But this year, we're not going to let a little inclement weather get in the way of looking gorgeous. Instead, we're determined to tackle the changing seasons masterfully. We've done some pretty intense research on the subject, and it turns out that there is actually a lot you can do to prepare for the storm (or the drizzle). Keep reading for seven of the most effective ways to keep your beauty game on point during the often wet, but blissfully warm -- fingers crossed! -- spring season.

1. Get Creative With Eyeliner
While a smoky-eye look is certainly evergreen -- meaning you can rock it any season -- it's a bit difficult to touch up on-the-go (something you should always be prepared to do if rain is in the forecast). Eyeliner, on the other hand, particularly a brightly colored pencil, has the same wow factor and fits in any bag from an evening clutch to a work tote.

2.Choose Long-Wear Lip Color
If you're only planning to swap out one of your beauty routine regulars for this new and improved weatherproof list, this is the switch to make. Nothing pulls a look together like the perfect pout. So you want a lipstick that will hold up from coffee until cocktail time -- rain or shine.

3. Apply Slip-Proof Foundation
There really is no point in wearing foundation unless you're sure that it will withstand springtime humidity. Look for lightweight, long-wear formulas that boast a matte finish, which will help prevent your skin from looking oily and let it breathe at the same time!

4. Set Your Makeup
Would you finish a manicure without a top coat? Not a chance, right? And a blowout -- well, it's just not complete without a dose of hairspray. That's how you should think of makeup setting spray. It's basically a top coat, but for your face. It's the finishing touch. And while we know it's a bit scary to spray your face after creating, say, a flawless cat eye, makeup setting spray is sheer, so it won't change the color or texture of your makeup. In fact, it will help keep your application looking spotless for much longer.

5. Use a Straightening Shampoo
Even if the natural texture of your hair is more-or-less straight, it's a good bet that even the tiniest hint of humidity can bring on the frizz. Give your hair an advantage by using a shampoo that helps you achieve straighter strands starting in the shower. Then hit your hair with a flatiron to set your ultra-slick style.

6.Lock in Your Curls
Alternatively, if you have naturally curly hair, don't even think about straightening! Embrace your tendrils, and focus your energy on attacking frizz instead. Use your fingers to apply frizz-taming serum to damp strands, which will help lock in moisture and keep humidity out. The result: natural curls that look lush, hydrated and -- most important -- puff-free. Set your final look with a weather control hairspray.

7. Opt for Waterproof Mascara
This one seems like a bit of a gimme, but we've seen far too many runny-mascara selfies to leave it off the list. For the love of lashes, ladies, please coat your peepers with waterproof mascara!
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