7 HOT spring hair color trends

7 HOT spring hair color trends
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7 HOT spring hair color trends

Blush pink, lilac, light aqua, baby blue -- as colors go, they’re sort of considered regulars during the Easter season. So it wasn’t a total shocker to see them pop up on Hill’s most requested list for spring.

If you’re hesitant to give these more daring shades a shot, try tinting just your tips for an ombre effect. That way, if you’re not totally in love with the result, you can always chop your strands (check out some great short hairstyle ideas here).

OK, so this one isn’t so much a color as a technique, but considering Hill says she’s asked for it daily, we figured it should make the list.

According to Hill: “It doesn’t matter if you’re blonde or brunette with bright, pale or caramel highlights … It’s a more current and modern twist on highlights.”

Hill’s tip: “Start with full or partial highlights and then tone down the roots to soften the regrowth and to give a more natural look.”

This picture is proof that bold is beautiful. Need more evidence? Hill told us, “I was teaching color theory at [a recent] conference, and [everyone] went bananas over the new vibrant violet L’Oréal Paris color … They almost mobbed me for the boxes.”

Expect to be seeing lots more of this dramatic shade

Thanks to a certain reality star who debuted a fresh, bleached-white bob during Paris Fashion Week, the white hue that we thought had reached peak reign in fall 2014 is getting a new lease on life.

Yep, spring is looking pretty bright.

I prefer colors that complement and enhance skin tone and/or their natural hair color,” says Hill. “Sun-kissed, beachy, healthy hair will always be my favorite.”

Did we mention she colors Karlie Kloss’s strands -- right! So … that makes her favorite our favorite, too!

And, here’s the easiest way to master this look at-home

If you couldn’t tell from our violet shout-out, we’re really into intense colors for spring. And if you’re up for a more striking hue, but perhaps purple is taking it a touch too far, give copper a try. It’s the perfect shade to punch up basic brown and will look particularly shimmery in the sun!

First there was ombre -- where the top of the head is dark and the bottom is a lighter shade. Then there was “sombre” -- a subtler blend of the top and bottom shades. And now, the “it” word is “écaille,” French for tortoiseshell. According to Hill, “This new look is very similar to sombre. It involves marrying bright ombre ends with dark roots through a mixture of various tones.” Think golden, honey and caramel highlights. 

By: The Beauty Experts at L'Oréal Paris

When celebrity colorist Kari Hill, who has tinted both Karlie Kloss's and Julianne Moore's famous tresses, talks spring hair color trends -- you listen. And, in our case, take notes. Here's what she had to say:

Hollywood is craving everything from effortless highlights to more adventurous tones. In other words, there's an on-trend hair color for just about everyone!

Click through the above slideshow for some tint-spiration and a few must-know tips that will help make the transition from your current color to a hot spring hue seamless.
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