The best quick and easy hairstyles

The best quick and easy hairstyles to try
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The best quick and easy hairstyles

Just because a top knot is easy doesn't mean it can't be chic. Even Jennifer Lopez likes to wear the hairstyle on the red carpet. To get the look, pull hair into a ponytail, back comb the ponytail, then wrap hair around the base before pinning into place.

For a really quick hairstyle, pull hair into a low side braid like Sophia Bush's. Just make sure to tease hair at the crown for an extra boost of volume.

Tame textured second-day hair like Mandy Moore's with a simple twist and bobby pin.

Beyonce’s side-swept low ponytail takes mere minutes to perfect. Curl the long bang around your finger and blast with a tiny bit of hairspray for an all-day flounce that holds. 

Brooklyn Decker’s choppy bob is adorably sexy to begin with. Add in a little half-up, half-down pouf and a side part, and you’ve got a hairstyle that transitions seamlessly from office to cocktails.

Updos on short hair can be tricky and time consuming. Dress up a bob with a wet look, like Camilla Belle. Starting with wet hair, apply a pomade or gel with fingers. Brush it back with a thin-toothed comb to prevent any bumps. 

To add easy shape to straight locks, create a side part like Dakota Fanning’s and loosely pull the strands to the side, clipping in place.  

Does your hair have a mind of its own today? Flatten it a bit by creating a deep center part and pulling some sides behind the ears like Ashley Greene.

Add interest to long, straight strands with a French braid above the ear, like Hailee Steinfeld wears here. 

If you have blunt bangs like Jessica Biel’s, but don’t have the time to style them, create a center part and pin them to each side. Let your hair fall over the pins to create the illusion of no bangs. 

Switch up your blowout by brushing the hair out. See how it instantly opens up Julianne Hough's face without the use of any clips or bobby pins. 

Pull all of your hair back in a side braid. To soften the look like Kristen Stewart did, pull a few strands out by the ear. 

If you don’t have time to straighten your locks, try a playful bun like Maria Menounos’. Twist to the side and clip in place with bobby pins.

Miranda Cosgrove’s casually mussed side ponytail is great for “I needed to be at work 20 minutes ago, and I just woke up” hair.

Without actually creating a ten-step, intricate updo, the braided bun makes anyone look more polished an put together — and in mere minutes. Just look at Sienna Miller

Add faux layers instantly with a deep side part. The hair over Sandra Bullock's eyes creates the illusion of long side-swept bangs.


On days when you don't have an hour (or even 10 minutes) to do your hair, turn to these easy hairstyles. They may be simple, but they still look like you made an effort.

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