#LoveYourCurls: Celebrating women loving their natural curls

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#LoveYourCurls: Celebrating women loving their natural curls
"When I was 17, after seeing a beautiful girl in a music video with the most amazing head of fuzzy curls, I decided to stop getting relaxers and see what was underneath it all. What I discovered was a head full of curls. Some wispy, some soft, some not so soft, some frizzy, some not so curly and all beautiful to me." - Taye of Stuff She Likes
"Not only did Dove Quench restore much needed moisture to my thirsty curls, but they helped to define them as well which in turn helps to define me." - Taye of Stuff She Likes
"My hair has a huge personality and in my teens, I spent so much time trying to relax my hair and all that ever actually did was damage it. In recent years, I decided to enjoy the day without worrying about having wild curly hair and today, I thank God for every frizzy strand." - Desiree of Chic Coastal Living
"Maintaining curly hair is not the easiest task, and it's wonderful that Dove has dedicated this new line to inspire women of all ages, especially young girls, to love their curls, no matter how curly or coarse it is." - Desiree of Chic Coastal Living
"Having curly hair has always been a struggle for me. If you also have curly hair, you definitely know what I mean.... [The] negatives of having curly hair have been what I focused on for way too long. There are so many benefits of having curly hair; so I decided to stop and listen to all the 'you're so lucky!' comments from my straight-haired friends." - Megan of Lush to Blush
"I could not believe how soft and lush my hair felt after just one use of the Dove Quench Absolute line. I was in awe! Most people with naturally curly hair also have coarse hair, so this transformation is stunning." - Megan of Lush to Blush
"As most people say, the grass is always greener on the other side. I would always envy girls with straight hair but little did I realise how much people envy my curls and wish they had hair that would actually stay wavy naturally and not have to use multiple products to re-create that volume." - Sheryl of Walk in Wonderland
"I’ve gotten so much love for my locks, and I’ve grown proud of my sometimes hard-to-tame mane. In fact, I daresay that letting my hair down reflects my confident personality." - Sheryl of Walk in Wonderland

"I can’t recall the moment my hair was no longer an enemy of mine, fighting against it with an arsenal of straightening products and hot irons. But I do remember the years of insecurity and constant comparison of my fuzzy locks and my friends’ straight hair. ... It’s a lifelong process to accept yourself as you are, but so many things changed in my life once I embraced the curl." - Andrea of Blonde Bedhead

" Sure, [my hair is] thick, coarse and curly, but it’s how my friends spot me from afar and for a low maintenance girl, I don’t need to wash it often... and when I do it, it air dries after I apply moisturizing products. Wash and go! So many benefits!"  - Andrea of Blonde Bedhead
"The secret's out, I'm a Curly Q! I actually have natural, crazy, curly hair and I'm not afraid who knows it! I'm biracial, half Caucasian and half African-American, so my hair has always walked to the beat of its own drum. Over the years, it's changed from crazy curly to wavy and everywhere in between." - Courtney of Color Me Courtney
"Despite my ups & downs with these curly locks of mine, I have learned to not only love my curls but also embrace them. How? With a little product, a lot of practice and years of playing around with it." - Courtney of Color Me Courtney
"The most endearing compliment I’ve ever received was when the man I loved told me I looked the most beautiful barefaced, in sweats on a Sunday morning, with all the wild curls; the ones I usually try to hide under hats, twist into a top knot after they let loose in yoga, and wake up (extra) early to tame." - Erica of The Fashion Philosophy
"I’ve started to love my curls, embrace my natural – usually unruly – hair. The more I get to know myself, the more I love my curls." - Erica of The Fashion Philosophy

Our world is filled with "beauty ideals" that are plastered on billboards and filling the pages of magazines, constantly in front of our eyes. One traditional ideal is smooth, sleek hair, and as such, many young women and girls with curly hair feel less confident.

We think it's time to celebrate gorgeous curls, and our contributors have partnered with Dove to explain how and why they came to truly love their curly hair. It's an extremely important and personal story for each woman (and man!) who has curly hair, to realize that their natural curls are beautiful and that celebrating who they are is to embrace their hair.

Testing out the Dove Quench Absolute line, our contributors explain the results they've seen, with softer, more naturally defined tresses that all women and girls will love. Click through, above, to see their testimonials, and watch the heart-warming #LoveYourCurls campaign below.

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