3 ways to feel confident in swimwear

So basically, this post was supposed to go up yesterday, and I totally got cold feet. It's a very scary thing putting yourself in a swimsuit on the internet. But then I thought, it's a totally scary thing to put yourself in a swimsuit anywhere - unless you're a VS model or something. At that point, my post topic completely changed from what it was going to originally be. Instead of it being a normal swimwear post, I decided to touch on how I'm feeling comfortable in swim this season. It starts with a little thing called the high-waist bottom like the floral beauty from Orchid Boutique in today's post.

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By far one of the most stressful things I've photographed for this blog, and now it's up for everyone to see. Cue a freakout and schedule a workout. Chances are there are a few of you reading this that are also slightly or majorly freaking out about the upcoming swimwear season. And is it just me or are the bikini bottoms getting smaller and cheekier? NO one wants to see my cheeks not even me! So here are three ways I'm feeling more confident in swimwear:

1. Find a quality swimwear brand that you trust. Orchid Boutique is an ideal option because they carry a large variety of designer swimwear. I can locate favorite brands of mine all in one place. It is super helpful for me to shop one site that also allows me to buy swim pieces separately. My top and bottom are not the same size, so being able to shop different sizes in each piece is very important!

2. I have recently discovered that the high-waist bottom is a very forgiving option. If you are uncomfortable while seated in a swimsuit or with your tummy area in general, this is a great swimwear piece. Sitting in smaller bottoms can be super unflattering. (I posted me sitting in this high-waist bottom, so you can see the advantages of sitting in this particular style!)

3. Coverups are your BFF, so find one that works best for your body. In this case, I wanted to show off my cute suit, but I hate my hips. Wearing a kimono style coverup allows me to hide the sides of my body especially hips and thighs. Jackpot. This PilyQ kimono is super cute with fringe detailing - plus, white will practically go with any swimsuit making it a versatile piece.

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