From the runway to the streets: Eye like this trend

There's two types of people in this world - those who need glasses and hate it and those who pretend they need glasses to make a fashion statement. I've never understood the second one (as I fall into the first category), but after the Fall '15 shows, I guess it makes a little more sense...

Gucci (above) and Max Mara (below) are just a few who showed eye glasses on the runway this fashion month. Sunglasses are often included in collections, but regular frames are more of a rare occasion. I'm actually pretty excited to see this as the weather has been drying out my contacts like crazy and going back to glasses just seems a lot easier (although they're not so easy when it's sunny, when they fog up going in and out of the cold, and when your dog gets to them...mine are now adorned with teeth marks thanks to my boy Lennox, but it's not like that stops me from wearing them).

I'm not sure if I ever shared this but I've had not-so-perfect vision since high school. I had glasses I would only wear if I sat in the back of my classroom or I'd occasionally wear them driving at night (although it should have never been just occasionally). Glasses aren't always the coolest thing, especially when you're in those teen years so I just avoided them for a long time. Fast forward to end of 2012 / beginning of 2013 and I realized, I really could not make anything out unless it was right in front of me. After going to numerous events and not being able to recognize anyone unless they were within two feet, I decided to do something about it. Plus, if I've been squinting all these years I'm probably going to end up with crow's feet and kick myself. So, finally I updated my prescription and started wearing glasses full-time, as I wasn't quite ready to put a plastic half-sphere in my eye. It didn't hurt that I discovered Lookmatic who has some pretty cool (and very reasonably priced) frames. This picture was from two and a half years ago and they're still my go-to's.

Like I mentioned, they were a pain in the ass when it was sunny (and with my extensive collection of sunglasses, I'd go broke putting a prescription in all of those) as well as when I went in and out of the cold (hello foggy lenses!) So eventually I got tired of it and switched to contacts. With so many stylish glasses out there now, I'm getting the itch to give my eyes a break and get back into my frames. Bonus? They're a great protector for those super windy days...which we seem to have quite often here in Chicago.

So if you're currently in contacts, try giving those frames another chance (or you can get some new ones...I found a few below you just might love). If you have perfect vision, us squinters envy you but you can always pretend you can't see and get in on some new glasses! Click here to see my picks.
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