8 ways to make your home cozier -- and 1 common mistake to avoid

8 ways to make your home cozier -- and 1 common mistake to avoid
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8 ways to make your home cozier -- and 1 common mistake to avoid

Pillows and throws have power.

"If you want to cozy up your space, pillows and throw blankets are great ways to do it for under $50," explains HGTV's Joanna Gaines. "You're not making a huge investment, but it is [all] about texture and color."

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Invest in a nice blanket.

"Sometimes it is worth spending $10 or $15 more for the blanket that is a little cozier," offers Gaines. A thick wool blanket goes a long way when you are cuddling on the couch.

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Texture is everything.

You don't need to change up your pillows every season, but Gaines likes to have winter pillows and summer pillows, just to mix it up.

When it's chilly out, bold patterned pillows in thick textures work wonders.

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Go for classic colors -- with a twist.

"Grey and cream are really cozy and warm," Gaines says. But a little yellow, in the right shade, could take you from winter to spring without missing a beat.

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Head to the antique shop.

"I love to antique shop and one of the things I love looking for are containers that I can put wood in next to the fireplace," shares Gaines.

It's functional and pretty!

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Have a fireplace? Accessorize it!

Gaines loves highlighting a basket next to her fireplace filled with blankets for family and friends to use.

She also gets a little creative with the mantle. "I'm big into bringing the outside in," she explains. Instead of going the traditional route, she sometimes cuts a few branches, places them in clear vases and sets them on top of the fireplace. "It's very simple and doesn't cost a dime," she says.

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Bring wood to your table.

"During the winter a lot of trees come down. I always get Chip to cut me some 1- to 2-inch thick [slabs] and I use them as chargers for the table setting," explains Gaines. "You can use them in spring as well."

If you really want to bring the outdoors in, try also laying a branch in the middle of the table and then adding tea lights throughout.

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Fool them all with faux flowers!

Some fake flowers look terrible, but you can find really great ones that look real, require no maintenance and last and last.

"I think it is smart to invest in nice greenery," shares Gaines. "Sometimes it costs a little more, but I have a whole bin that I rotate out for the spring, the fall and the winter."

"I’ve probably spent $20 to $30 on these florals, but I’ve been using them for six years so I’ve already gotten my money back."

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Joanna Gaines of HGTV's Fixer Upper knows a thing or two about making a comfortable, beautiful home. And because we can't seem to break through the cold, she's sharing her favorite tips for making your home extra warm and cozy and also a few ways to transition your home for spring.

But however you decide to cozy up your cottage, beware of over-accessorizing. "The biggest no-no that I've seen with a lot of my clients is that they almost over do it," says Gaines. "When spring starts coming, all of the sudden you start taking all of [the decor] back and then your house just feels empty."

Check out the slideshow above for Joanna's best ideas for making your home warm without going over the top.

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