Get back to your roots by showing them off

Show of hands - who dyes their hair? And how often do you have to get those roots done? Every eight weeks? Six? Four? What if I told you to stop making those salon appointments and just get back to your roots? Well, that's what I'm telling you today. Don't freak out. Just keep reading.

Now, this doesn't necessarily pertain to everyone (especially if you're like me and have dark hair and get your roots done only to hide those damn grays) BUT if you're anywhere from the medium brown range all the way platinum blonde, and everything in between (including colors like purple, pink, green, etc.) it's time to SHOW OFF YOUR ROOTS. No, really.

Ombre was a thing for quite a while, then we had Balayage, something called "sombre" and probably a bunch of other things that really just look like ombre but they needed a new word to make it sound like a "fresh" trend. The people who I first saw had ombre were people who weren't even going for the trend at all - they literally just let their dye job grow out, and it looked pretty cool. Showing your roots is sort of the same thing but on a smaller scale. And like ombre, you can do it in a subtle way...

Or make your roots the center of attention a la Rihanna.

But whatever you do, it should never look like this...

Definitely talk to your hair stylist and come up with a plan on how to grow out your roots where it looks natural and not like a bad dye job (and if you're currently between stylists, go to my girl Sarah at Salon 1800...whatever you want, she'll make it happen and it will look damn good).

When I look at these photos, I sometimes wish I had the balls go blonde, or at least significantly lighter, just so I can rock those roots. But I just don't see myself as a blonde, you know? Plus, my streaky caramel highlights circa 2002 (where I basically looked blonde) has permanently scarred me. Perhaps one day I'll get over it and I'll be able to have some cool roots (that aren't gray, like my current situation) but until then I'll leave this up to you guys.

So why visible roots? Like why would someone ever do this to themselves? I'm all about any look (fashion, beauty, etc.) that looks undone and effortless, and this does just that. It's especially great for those who dye their hair a bright blonde or even platinum, as those colors look unnatural so to add some "natural" element balances out the look. Plus, it's less work on your end, right? Anything to lower the maintenance (and / or to look like an Olsen) is A-OKAY in my book.

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