9 style tips for girls with small busts

9 style tips for women with small busts
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9 style tips for girls with small busts

Tip: Not only do higher necklines draw attention upward toward your face, but they also create a more linear look, balancing everything out and making your bust look slightly larger.

Try: Forever 21 Mock Neck Fit & Flare Dress ($23)

Tip: One of the things small-chested ladies really have going for them? Not worrying about falling out of a top with a plunging neckline. Follow the lead of your favorite stars and dare to do the deep V.

Try: Missguided Slinky Side Split Midi Dress ($48)

Tip: Just like tops with higher necks, tanks draw attention away from the middle and to the sides of your body, particularly your arms. Even better if you find a sleeveless shirt that can combine the two styles — it's the best of both worlds.

Try: Ann Taylor Striped Lace Trim Shell ($70)

Tip: With so many gorgeous backs out there, why not take advantage and show off this sexy, underrated body part? If you're not willing to go completely braless, try some pasties or a sticky bra, both of which will help prevent any fashion mishaps.

Try: ASOS Premium Cutwork Midi Skater Dress ($161)

Tip: One great way to show off your shape, no matter what your size, is going with clothing that's nipped at the waist. Peplum tops or fit-and-flare dresses will help give you an hourglass shape, thus making you appear larger on top.

Try: Nasty Gal Stylestalker San Fran Lace Top ($150)

Tip: Opting for clothing with embellishments is another way to give the appearance of a bigger chest. It's an illusion: the more details, the fuller that area will look.

Try: Cluster Beading Short Sleeve Top ($398)

Tip: The same as embellishments, anything with a bit of texture will add some volume. Ruffles are a nice way to plump up the chest area without playing with padding.

Try: H&M Chiffon Dress ($35)

Tip: While ladies with larger top halves fear baggy items make them look larger or lose the "oversize" factor altogether when stretching to cover, small-busted women have no need to worry. Take advantage. No one will be able to see what you're hiding under that sweater anyway.

Try: Pixie Market Snowy Oversize Turtleneck Sweater ($54)

Tip: Even if you're going for a work-appropriate look, it's best to avoid structured tops, which have the ability to flatten you out. Instead, go with something loose, like a wrap dress, which still has the same effect while being figure-flattering.

Try: DVF Tallulah Wrap Dress ($468)


As most members of the itty-bitty committee well know, finding clothes that flatter smaller chests can oftentimes be a challenge. On one hand, you just want to wear what you want to wear - there's no real harm in that, right? But on the other, not all tops were created equal: stuff can either look way too baggy, make you appear flatter than you are, or feels like a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen.

So what styles do look good - and fit well - if you're petite on top? Read on for a list of nine helpful tips, complete with links to shop.

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