Maternity must haves: How to find the perfect pair of jeans

Like all girls, jeans are a very important part of my closet. I myself have about 20 pairs that I wear throughout the year. Light, dark, white, lightweight, leather, distressed, you get my drift. When you are pregnant, your perfect pair seems to be whatever will fit, not dig into your stomach and cause you to be uncomfortable, or worse pinch! Then there is the obstacle of finding a pair that you actually like. Just because they fit, doesn't mean that you are going to like them.

Below are a few pairs that I think will make you feel good about how you look. I have a couple and can contest that no matter what trimester I am in, I feel good in them. I happen to be a jean freak and have about, oh 6+ pairs of maternity jeans, but to me it's worth the cost because I wear them all the time. My favorite is by far my Citizens Koi Denim Leggings. They don't slide down (or as Blaire says give me "droopy drawer syndrome") and I know that they look good on me. I am a huge fan of James Jeans non-maternity, so I am sure that their maternity is just as great. I am yet to try them, but the Twiggy Coated Leather is calling my name.

Personally, I prefer a full panel over a half panel or demi-panel, but really I think it's a personal preference. It seems that the demi-panel works better for taller women, since they have more ability to hold it up. Also, I would recommend getting 2 pair of skinny jeans and at least one Bootcut. You never know when you are going to need them. Even though I grab my skinny more than anything.

I am not saying that you have to have 5 pairs of expensive jeans, but having a pair that you know look good on you and that you feel good in (which is key) is a huge bonus! I have found that I do feel better knowing that my bootie looks good in a pair of jeans, pregnant or not.

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