A gals guide to glitter: Nail art for the classic girl

Often times when us gals walk in to a nail shop we proclaim.."Today is the day I will get super cool nail art or sparkly glitter..."

...but more often than not, for the fear of looking like we let a kindergartner loose on our fingers, we chicken out. Only to leave the nail salon with a pale shade of nude..(YAWN)...or one of my personal favorites dark plum (UGH). .. and that last one actually allows us to fool ourselves into thinking that we took a chance.

Trust me I get it! But I also know that while glitter and art can go horribly wrong.. it can also go wonderfully right. So I thought I'd put together a list of 4 virtually fail proof looks to try out when you want leave the salon with awesome nails and a huge smile in your face.

1. SIMPLE NAIL ART... The tricks to simple nail art for those of us who are not looking to shock the world are small cute symbols on one finger per hand at the most. Example below. Heart and a kiss accompanied by a dark rich polish. It says I'm adventurous yet have not fallen completely off the edge. Pick a symbol that means something to you. Hearts, flags, palm trees and short words always do the trick.

2. GLITTER.. Glitter is a nice and easy way to dive head first in to nail art with out it actually being nail art. Three words to keep in mind when getting glitter. Smooth, fine and opaque. Translation.. Smooth.. no pieces that stick up. We don't want the glitter snagging our sweaters. Fine.. the best glitter is tiny glitter, powder like. Opaque.. sheer and glitter should never be two words in the same phrase. Below is a perfect example of a fun, classy yet edgy glitter manicure. Pale polish.. opaque glitter.

3. NAIL APPLIQUES.. If there is one thing I do love its a monochromatic manicure and nail appliques can take your "Monomani".. (haha yep just made that up).. to another level. You may be asking yourself what is the difference between nail art and nail applique? It's simple.. Think of nail art as paint and appliques as stickers. With an applique.. as long as it's slightly textured, it can be the same color as your polish, which brings us back to the "Monomani' Simple but screams classic edge.

4. GEL TIP PLUS NAIL ART.. This is for the gal who is dangling on the edge of adventurous. Gel tips.. not to be confused with Acrylics (which I DO NOT recommend.. they rec your nails) are a fun way to play with nail length and a great way to add a small bit of art that will only look good on a longer nail! Believe me I have tried this type of heart on a short nail.. not so hot.. but with a gel tip its fabulous! Be sure to ask your salon before you head out of they do Gel Tips.

So next time you head out for that French Tip mani pedi.. Remember to live a little in the edge.. Nail art can be classy!

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