When the skies are grey, the red tones come out to play

About this time every year I start craving orangey/red tones in full force. For those of you who know me well (or have followed my blog for a long time) will know that my closet is filled with a ton of neutrals and my nail polish choice ninety-nine percent of the time is dark and vampy. All of that said it must have something to do with the grey skies and cold temperatures that gets me craving shades of red/orange.

Over time I have built up a little collection of polishes and lip colors that work seamlessly together and compliment my neutral wardrobe. There is something about the idea of red/orange lips and matching nails, with a black and white striped top that feels incredibly Parisian (cliché...I know) and I love it.

I often have a hard time finding reds that work with my complexion (especially on my hands), but have discovered that those with orange bases tend to work best. Below are some of my favorites at all different price points.

In the photo:
Tom Ford Lipstick [Similar]

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