Pantene Pro-V's newest technology helps your hair glow with health

Pantene Pro-V has continued to find new and better ways to improve the health of you hair and this time, they may have just cracked the code! After the successful launch of their Anti-Oxidant shampoo technology, Pantene has launched a new conditioner formula containing the ingredient Histidine. What is Histidine you ask? No, it's not a type of mouth wash, it's actually a protein that can penetrate deep into the hair and actually strengthen and protect your hair from the core (instead of the surface).

The result? Histidine can remove the mineral impurities in your hair and help prevent damage to the core of your hair. By removing these minerals, your hair will be stronger, healthier, and shinier, glowing from the inside out.

So before you start adding avocado and essentials oils to your hair because you read about it online, we suggest you try this revolutionary technology that is changing the way we condition and treat our hair!
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