Seraphine scores a smash hit as Duchess Kate dazzles on her day in Kensington

Duchess Kate in Seraphine - Kensington
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Seraphine scores a smash hit as Duchess Kate dazzles on her day in Kensington
Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge attends a coffee morning at Family Friends in Kensington on January 19, 2015.
​Family Friends is a voluntary organization to help families in deprived areas of the borough of Kensington. 
The Duchess received flowers from the organization from this little one - who was so shy that his mother had to give Kate the flowers!
Later in the day, the Duchess of Cambridge visited the new Kensington Leisure Centre.
Kate wore a blue floral dress and pale blue coat by maternity wear designer Seraphine.
The Duchess chats with athletes at The Kensington Leisure Centre.
We absolutely loved Kate's pale blue look, one of our favorites of her second pregnancy.
The Duchess did a quick walkabout, greeting schoolchildren who were excitedly waving their British flags.
Giving Kate a big duck floatie for George and his own bag, the Kensington Leisure Center is definitely hoping Kate will bring him by for some swimming lessons! 
Kate smiles and waves to the excited children outside.

I am tempted to call it perfect and let that be the entirety of the post. I think everyone is swooning over this one. Today, Kate was busy with three separate engagements around the Kensington area. This is my favorite photo of the day: Kate arriving for her first event. I love morning sunshine, golden and warm, brimming with the energy and potential of a fresh day...a new beginning. It's also gentle, and great for photography.

The Duchess Of Cambridge Attends Coffee Morning At Family Friends
The Duchess kicked off the morning with a visit to Family Friends. She was there for a coffee-date with volunteers at the charity which provides a friendship/mentoring service to disadvantaged families.

Often, Kate will wear a coat and dress and never take the coat off, much to the disappointment of fans. Today was one of the rare occasions she did take her coat off. This cute little guy was all set to give Kate her flowers, but at the last moment had a shy-attack and his mother had to sub for him.

The Duchess Of Cambridge Attends Coffee Morning At Family Friends
Next, Kate officially opened the Kensington Aldridge Academy. Below is a video of her arrival taken by People magazine's Simon Perry:

Video: Princess Kate, in coat by Seraphine maternity, arrives at Aldridge Academy, Kensington

A video posted by Simon Perry (@sperrypeoplemag) on

During the day, according to Richard Palmer of The Express, Kate mentioned she has been feeling her baby move, and Rebecca English added that Kate said, "It's moving all the time, I can feel it kicking now."

Kate concluded her slew of engagements at the Kensington Leisure Centre, where excited children called, "here comes Kate" as she arrived. She has spent a great deal of time with new charities over the course of this engagement spree. I wonder if she is researching new charities, possibly prepping to announce new patronages after the birth of her second child. More than one person has remarked on how nicely these organization match Kate's work and interests. To be developed, I suppose...

The Duchess Of Cambridge Formally Opens The Kensington Leisure Centre
Kate emerged this morning in Séraphine, and as is always the case when she wears the luxury maternity label, the ensemble was perfect. This is endlessly elegant on Kate, and could not be more flattering.

As we have discussed, the Duchess has carved out a style she obviously prefers for maternity wear. She has really started to put together that style well, but today's look is more to my taste, and frankly more what I had expected from Kate. The day she stepped out for her first engagement after her HG bout with George, she was wearing that grey MaxMara wrap, and I thought we would see that style continue. Instead, she veered in another direction, but every now and again, she returns. The DVF at the Royal Variety Performance, the Séraphine in New

The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Arrive In New York
Of all the colors in the crayon box, blue is perhaps one of the more high-maintenance hues. All the shades do not necessarily play well together, and anytime blues are mixed as they were today, I often find myself starting to feel a little worried. Kate chose carefully, however, it seems, and her Muse clutch and bespoke McQueen pumps worked the misty-blue "Natasha" coat from Séraphine and the floral patterned "Florrie" dress underneath. I don't know if they were perfect together, but nothing that took away from the look.

Kate Middleton Seraphine
The £195 coat features clean lines, a flattering cut to the waist, mother-of-pearl buttons, and faux pockets...all in a cozy cashmere blend. The £99 dress in a floral crepe de chine, has a distinctive Empire waist, cropped sleeves, and falls just above the knee. Both pieces could have been designed for Kate, and it is remarkable how well the brand's clothes fit into Kate's style niche. I wonder today, as I have wondered many times, why she does not wear Séraphine a little more often.

Verdict: run-away win. This ensemble drives home, yet again, the need for proper tailoring. Translation: clothes designed and measured specifically for a pregnant body will flatter a pregnant body. Kate looked great.

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