8 pairs of sweater tights that will actually keep you warm

8 pairs of tights that will keep you warm
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8 pairs of sweater tights that will actually keep you warm
One thing's for sure: these fleece-lined babies from Plush will be $35 well spent. Seventy-seven people came back to weigh in on this 4.5-star item, saying that they're not bulky and perfect for the snow. Yes — the snow!
You can't beat affordable and warm. This cozy pair from Merona is just $12 and comes in a variety of different colors, and one reviewer added that she received a ton of compliments when she wore them. Score!
For a fun Winter look, you can't go wrong with cable knit. According to reviews, Hue's option ($20) is so good, customers went back to buy several more pairs.
The name alone — "maximum heat" — would be enough to sell us on these Gap tights ($20), but the comments were pretty great too. One in particular, titled "Amazing!!!" (note the four exclamation points), really caught our eye: the reviewer said they were so warm and soft it was like "cuddling the fabric softener bear." We'll take 'em.
There are 67 reviews and most of them are pretty positive for these Nordstrom tights ($28). We enjoy that one person called them "sexy" (Really? Sweater tights?), and another said she was ordering them in charcoal after having bought the black.

Now that Winter's in full throttle and flurries are a mainstay in most parts of the country, we often find ourselves facing a dilemma when getting dressed each morning: should we wear a skirt and freeze or just forget it and opt for pants? It's a tough choice, but luckily one that just got easier with this helpful roundup of sweater tights.

We searched high and low for the best-rated, fleece-lined, knit, and overall-warm legwear and included them (along with some review highlights) in the slides ahead. Now you can focus your attention on more important things.

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