The prettiest winter hair colors

By: The Beauty Experts at L'Oréal Paris

It's sweater weather! Which, of course, means it's time for a major closet cleanout. Actually, now's the time to revamp our beauty routine, too: Swap bright lipsticks for deep berry hues, and nix light lotions in favor of heavier creams. And, like with all major makeovers, you should really start at the top -- with your hair color.

Time to kiss those sun-kissed strands good-bye, because the hair hues we're craving right now are all about taking your natural color to the next level. If you're a redhead, we're digging bright burgundy. Bored with brunette? Go for black. And for blondes, we're still loving lighter, but equally bold, icy platinum.

Here's the deal:

Red Is Always Fierce
If you've got even a hint of strawberry in your strands, then you're probably familiar with the allure of a redhead. But what you might not know is that the shade of red you're rocking can speak volumes about your personal style and even help define your personality. Coppery reds tend to read more playful, and mahogany reds feel somewhat sultry, while fiery-red strands, like Féria's Intense Medium Auburn, play up power. Once you've selected your go-to ruby hue (which is easy if you've read this article), all that's left to do is add your personal take on the tone with a chic winter wardrobe and a signature makeup look. Psst ... our favorite eye shadow shade for redheads this winter: shimmery copper!

Black Is Anything But Basic
The key to great black hair is shine. And the key to shine is all in the formula. You want a product that offers high and low tones to reflect light and one that won't wreck or ravage your hair. Once you've got that down, look for tonal accents -- we love a hint of blue -- to give your black a more mysterious vibe. Our favorite: Féria Bright Black. Next, zero in on your ideal hairstyle. Something to consider: You can maximize shine by choosing a style that keeps all of your hair moving in the same direction (when all hair follicles are aligned, they reflect light crisply). In other words, we suggest iron-straight strands or voluminous curls, instead of tiny ringlets.

Platinum Is Just Plain Cool
If you're like most blondes, and opt for brighter highlights at the onset of summer and golden, honey hues during the winter, then it's time to switch things up. Going lighter during ski season is a bit unexpected, and to us, unexpected equals awesome. Platinum hair, besides being totally on trend, is ultra-versatile. It's basically a blank slate that allows you to darken your strands anytime -- whether your next hair move is warm chestnut or vibrant violet. Just one note of warning: You might want to consider products without ammonia, like Féria's Absolute Platinum, as eliminating the chemical makes for the gentlest transformation of your strands. Once you've got your icy-white coif, kick up your look with of-the-moment accessories.
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