Cute winter boots that won't break the bank

When I started at Lands' End, nearly one year ago, one of my favorite work friends nearly beat me when I would come into work on a snowy day wearing my little skate shoes. Every single day she would harass me telling me I need some real snow boots, but I would always counter with protests of how ugly snow boots are– and if I wanted cute ones, I'd pay the price. Although she couldn't disagree on either point, I started a hunt; a hunt for warm, practical winter boots that are also stylish and semi-affordable.

It's incredibly hard to hit all three guidelines, but after much research, I think I've found some viable options. In terms of affordability, what I've found is that if you want warmth and quality, you will pay for it. Winter gear is not cheap by any means, so my "ceiling" of affordability was $150. Although that is a chunk of change, most boots I've found in the past are much more expensive than that, so figuring that winter boots are an investment piece that you will hopefully use for several years, all the boots I selected are $150 or less. So here it is, my eight picks of stylish and practical winter boots that won't break the bank (from top left to right).

1. Muk Luks Lace Up Boots, $71 2. Sporto Faux-Fur Booties, $50 3. Trotters Faux-Fur Booties, $95 4. Lands' End Fur-Trim Short Snow Boots, $80 5. Tommy Hilfiger Quilted Duck Boots, $89 6. L.L. Bean Duck Boots, $109 7. Sperry Saltwater Duck Boots, $100 8. Khombu Fair Isle Lace Up Boots, $70

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