Frederic Fekkai's most memorable client revealed

Frederic Fekkai has styled and cut the hair of countless celebrities including Cameron Diaz, Debra Messing and more. We asked Frederic to share the one, most memorable client he's worked with and his answer may surprise you!

"My favorite hairdressing moment was probably back in 1993 when Hillary Clinton sought me out to change her look. Originally her people did not want us to discuss the cut with the press and several other New York Salons tried to take credit for changing Hillary's look. Eventually we went back to her press people and they allowed us to talk to the media candidly about her experience."

Hillary Clinton Listening to Presidential Address
Then we had to find out which celebrity he'd love to cut, his answer may also surprise you!

"At the moment? Emma Stone really seems to enjoy switching up her look, I think she would be fun to work with. I love that she changes her length, plays with texture and modifies her color- she looks great both blond and as a redhead!"

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