Easy holiday hair tutorial perfect for any holiday party

Easy Holiday Hair Tutorial Perfect For Any Holiday Party
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Easy holiday hair tutorial perfect for any holiday party
Blow dry your hair using a large paddle brush comb your hair back. You’ll want your bangs to have an outward flip so they go away from your face. This way your bangs will have a nice curvy flip and will be easy to manage
Starting from the bottom section of your hair, using a large barrel curling iron, curl your hair. Remember to curl outward
After curling add a finishing cream. I use John Frieda Secret Weapon Touch-Up Crème, it works perfectly, not too thick and it’s inexpensive.
Take a small section of your hair from the front, near your temples. You don’t want to pull all your hair back just the two small sections. Tie it with a small elastic band.
Once you have it tied you’re going to flip the small tail inwards. So flip it up and pull it through, just like a topsy tail.
Again grab another small section of hair on either side right underneath the last two sections.
Tie and flip.
Repeat until you have three small topsy ponytails each on top of the other to create the triple flip. 
Add a small hair clip to cover up the elastic band. Pull your bangs back and tuck them behind your ear or pin down with a pretty bobby pin.

With the holiday season here and holiday parties approaching it's important to look our best. We not only need to wear stylish holiday outfits but we also must have the holiday hair to match. There are a lot of holiday hair tutorials that you can use for reference, like the ballerina bun or the french twist.

I wanted to start my holiday hair guides by sharing some easy styles. Hairstyles that you can create quickly and without too much fuss. All you need is a pretty hair clip to complete the look.

Today's easy holiday hair tutorial is a half up elegant style that can be worn with a simple jeweled toned blouse and, of course, with earrings. Keep in mind, the earrings you wear should match your hair clip. If you wear a silver hair clip wear silver earrings. The same goes with gold earrings and a gold hair clip. This keeps the look polished.

I saw this simple hairstyle in a magazine and decided to recreate it and make it holiday appropriate.

You'll need:
  • Small Elastic Bands
  • Pretty Hair Clip
  • Hairspray
Click through the gallery to learn how to create this look!

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